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Kimball Musk: “food Production is facing unprecedented innovation”

Кимбал Маск: "Производство еды ожидают беспрецедентные инновации"

Speaking of Kimble Mask, it will be difficult to avoid comparisons with his older brother because Kimball wants to do agriculture the same as Elon did with space exploration and electric vehicles. Kimball plans to feed the world in the style of Silicon valley.

Kimball prospered, working together with his brother. Now he’s 45 years old and he is buying up land across America. He believes in environmentally friendly “real food”, which in direct and figurative sense of the word and to feed consumers, and farmers, and the United States, and the planet as a whole. In his business, as in business brother, comes to the fore strategy, idea and marketing. He doesn’t just want to spread innovative vertical farms across the country. Kimball plans to establish a whole infrastructure: training centres, promotion of new food philosophy, venture capital programs, special accelerators. His system is, he believes, needs to completely change today’s American agriculture, and in General, American eating habits.

“Food is a wonderful gift we give each other three times a day, he says. — But it’s hard to imagine a more horrible system than the one we have today”. He says that food space — the so called food industry in Silicon valley — inspires him now exactly like the Internet in 1995. “We’ve never seen around food innovation today’s scale,” he says.

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Mask-younger, like a politician or a missionary who travels the States with his idea about the food industry of the future. This year he visited the 50 major conference related to food and business. However, he spends millions on their portfolio companies and support other projects. His non-profit organization has installed 425 of educational vegetable gardens in kindergartens and schools, so that children from a young age understand how there is a “real food”. Musk says that for any business the important scale. The previous company who tried to promote the idea of proper food, did not receive sufficient result, because they could not scale their model, and it is certain that you can.

His model, there are critics. They say they work with farmers, 100% different from working with dotcom, which you didn’t have to get your hands dirty on the ground. Michelle Nischan, founder and chief Executive officer of the company Wolesome Wave, trying to make fruits and vegetables more accessible for people with low incomes, says that the Mask is the right ideas. But to understand the breakthrough technology and scale, is not equal to the ability to negotiate with the target farmers and to get their hands dirty. According to her, the Mask does not have enough practical experience on the farm.

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In October was the first release of the accelerator Cimbala Mask Square Root, which develops urban farming. During the year 10 businessmen learned how to work with container farms and to market products. Each participant in the accelerator receive from the company a cargo container with a vertical system for growing plants, irrigation systems and a set of blue and red LEDs, and learned to extract from this yield. According to Cimbala Mask, such containers will fill the city and are an important source of food.


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