Friday , November 17 2017
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“Nuclear” games in the Hague


A lawsuit against several States with nuclear weapons will be considered in the International court of justice, however high hopes for his satisfaction there. The other day it became known that the international court of justice in the Hague has accepted the claim of the authorities of the Pacific Republic …

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Set on a Third world


Can Latgale be the cause of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO 3 February, the broadcasting company “bi-Bi-si” showed the film “the Third world war: the command post” (World War Three: Inside the War Room). After the capture of Daugavpils Latvian Pro-Russian rebels and the intervention of the us-British …

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GDP does not need


Book Nobel prize in Economics “Incorrectly valuing our lives” Nobel prize winner in Economics Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya sen and French economist Jean-Paul Fitoussi in February 2008 headed the Commission, which was mandated to find out whether GDP is a reliable indicator of economic and social progress. The results of their …

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Ten amazing metro stations, museums

10 AMAZING METRO STATIONS LOOK LIKE UNDERGROUND MUSEUMS Famous artists, architects and designers worked on the platforms and passages of the subway in Naples, Stockholm, Kiev and in Moscow, to create small masterpieces on the planet Earth. But, like any treasure, they are hidden under the ground. Station Toledo (Naples) …

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10 cards and policy of Russia


10 maps that explain Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine and the West What Russia needs to become a truly influential country? Uninterrupted access to Maritime trade and “sanitary cordon” between it and Europe. These cards explain in a difficult situation (from the Russian point of view!) was Russia after the …

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Freaky flu


Why humanity is at risk to die from a new pandemic of avian virus How dangerous for human avian and swine flu? Why epidemics occur and when they develop into pandemics? Whether to vaccinate and how safe they are? Is there any protection against a pandemic in humans? To these …

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What mankind has been lured into the cities?


Continuing the theme of the negative impact of the technosphere on human health and the biosphere in this planet want to mention the fact that the creation of the city-cities were part of a single multi-millennial plan certain forces in the gradual destruction of mankind, which was to occur as …

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The world has nowhere to hide


Political analyst jiří Pehe believes that Chancellor Merkel, opening borders for refugees in Hungary, found a way out of a deadly situation. However, it was a mistake to invite other migrants, which Germany can no longer cope The reason for the increase in authoritarian trends in some countries, according to …

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Tourism during the war


Experiences of a girl travelling to Syria hitchhiking Today we publish the last of 30 stories selected for”travel writing Competition”, which “” conducted with the support of “the Rambler.Travel”. Museums are closed or looted, in the tourist centers gathering dust piles nobody the necessary maps, in the castles of the …

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