Thursday , June 29 2017
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11 of the most incredible lifts in the world


Sometimes the path to the destination much more interesting place where you traveled.Why take the stairs when you can take a lift and enjoy the amazing views of the huge aquarium, for example, or a high rock.Here are the most amazing elevators around the world can make your head spin:Lift …

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Scientists managed to create graphene “artificial atom”


The electrons enclosed in “jail” tiny quantum traps, behave quite differently than their free counterparts. They can only be at specific energy levels (quantum States), like the electron shells of the atom, for this reason, these electronic traps called artificial atoms. These artificial atoms, in turn, have a number of …

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Meth epidemic


Breaking bad broke country that you thought Hopped up on meth malnourished North Korean workers zombies day and night to erect skyscrapers in the center of Pyongyang. This apocalyptic picture was painted in the air correspondents of “Radio Free Asia”, referring to some “anonymous sources”. North Korea is not a …

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Russia are in the virtual abyss of the lack of spirituality


  The same case when the business quietly turns into a crappy policy and a threat to national security Summing up regarding the Forum ASI (, we can draw the following conclusions. The strategy of technological breakthrough developed the people with changed consciousness are the people, really represent a new …

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What happens to stock gold


.   The following happens: someone very big in the beginning bought a few tens of tons of platinum and palladium, on the basis of this metal produced a few hundred tons virtual of platinum and palladium and threw them on the free market. The result of the above manipulations, …

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Global players without Ukraine decide her fate


The leader of the opposition bloc said that the country has lost its identity on the world stage. The people’s Deputy Yuriy Boyko called a disaster the upcoming meeting of Germany, France and Russia in Ukraine – according to him, Kyiv were not invited to them. “Today it became known …

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Best medicine in the world: Top 10 countries


You will hardly be a surprise the fact that USA is not in the list of leaders. But surprisingly, that never entered Germany. Of course, there are a lot of subjective, but the data is interesting. Even if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, eats organic food and is often …

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15 great phrases Coco Chanel


Visionary designer clothes and mistress of the future most influential fashion Empire Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was raised in an orphanage and earned, speaking as a singer in a Paris cafe. Learning to sew from the nuns at the orphanage, she devoted herself to fashion. Coco Chanel lived a truly colorful …

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