Saturday , August 19 2017
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Apocalypse in Paris…


As you know, the topic of refugees in Europe current 200 % and so hot that it affects the rest of the world including. Here are two contradictions: moral principles and values that newcomers bring with them. A civilized society can not help those who flee from war and death. …

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As the mold captured the orbital station “Mir”


  Space station “Mir” in orbit around the earthPhoto:   This year marks 30 years since the first stationary orbital space complex “Mir” brought into orbit. And 15 years as the station “Mir”, one of a kind, sank in the Pacific ocean. Many scientists still wonder why and what …

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What are the anti-American sentiment


In his new article, the French Explorer, in the countries of the Middle East Jean Perrier notes that widespread growing anti-American sentiment. To the charges of the USA in waging the aggressive wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, added to the reasonable accusations of sponsorship by Washington of terrorism and selling …

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How to contain the threat, but Putin’s fragile Empire?


Four years ago presidential candidate from the Republican party MITT Romney (Mitt Romney), said that Russia for America — “geopolitical enemy number one”. Barack Obama, like many others, then made fun of this funny mistake. “I called the 1980s, ask them to return back their foreign policy, saying the cold …

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Minsk agreement – the swamp instead of blitzkrieg


  Has already concluded more than two years ago, the Minsk agreement, otricali about all the “roosters” from all sides – and, as often happens in history, accustomed to them, how forcibly is kept the parents of the couple gets used to each other, slowly forgetting his youthful dreams of …

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The first use of military robots in real combat success


The development and implementation of robots in the Russian army are gaining momentum and are being conducted in all areas of the armed forces. With robots, the associated opportunity to reduce the loss of personnel during hostilities. Robots able to perform tasks that are impossible for a man they do …

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