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Kalashnikov has proposed to allow the Russians to have up to ten weapons

Concern “Kalashnikov” has prepared amendments to the law “About the weapon”. Among the proposals is to allow the Russians to have up to ten weapons per person, to reduce the requirements for experience to buy rifled hunting rifles, as well as increase the magazine capacity for hunting rifles for training and target practice, reports “Kommersant”.

Time of possession smoothbore guns in order to obtain a permit for a rifle, the group proposes to reduce from five to three years. “Kalashnikov” is also proposed to allow individuals to transfer their weapons to repair not only the manufacturer, but also a special licensed company.

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The share of “Kalashnikov” in the market of military small arms by the end of 2017 — about 80%. On the Russian market of civil rifled long guns, the company’s share — about 34%, and in the field of smoothbore long barrel — 2%. In the case of amendments, “these figures should increase,” the newspaper said.




According to the President of the international Confederation of practical shooting Vitaly Kruchina, such amendments will help athletes. “Almost none of the foreigners there are no restrictions on magazine capacity, and our needs change every ten rounds of ammunition,” he said.

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Amendments concerning the maximum number of weapons per person, to help professional athletes, explained the expert. According to him, in shooting sports athletes who are involved in average in six disciplines, each needed two guns. “For us, the gun is like a racket for tennis, and we need free access to a shell,” said Kruchin.

A bill in Parliament will make in the near future.

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