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Jurisdiction theft

Неподсудное воровство

“I’m a fourth year running and prove that I stole the money. For me, a pensioner, is a lot of money,” says Natalia Efimovna Lyubimov. It all started with the fact that she in her old age she decided to sell her Moscow apartment and to move out of town…

Natalia Lyubimova – representative, that is, the Moscow intelligentsia. “Not back papule became a mom. I started to rescue cats,” describes retired cause his love to our younger brothers.

Many cats Natalia Efimovna has attached. But all four-legged owners. In the end, in the apartment of the pensioner has accumulated 120 animals. And then she decided to sell the apartment and buy a house outside the city. The apartment was in the centre, on Prospekt Mira, the money should be enough for decent housing.

Of course, to take such a step, the pensioner was afraid – she was alone, no one to intercede. Suddenly plucked to any perps? Fear went even to the priest: “Told him so. Asked: what to do? He said go do the will of God!”

And she went. The first thing called in the realtor’s office, the same day the realtor came to Maria Ivanovna. Looked around the apartment and shook his head – a pier, it would be necessary to make repairs. From the pensioner money for repair was not.

Well there is no way, said Marya Ivanovna. And the next day led to Lyubimova the shopper. At the same time found suitable for pensioner housing in the suburbs – the house in 30 km from MKAD.

That’s just in the house had no septic tank. Nothing reassured the realtor after purchasing the house still remain 400 thousand, the money can and septic tank install and repair small to make. The pensioner has agreed.

Came to the Bank. The customer has put money into two cells – the money of the second cell (400 thousand) Lyubimova promised to pay after she gets out of the apartment.

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I made a deal. Money from the first cell, the principal amount, the pensioner gave to the realtor for the house. After a month settled in a new home. Happily called think. “Let’s go and take the money. But all that is aching…” – says the pensioner.

The realtor behaved strangely: “he Said: Oh, and I didn’t know that you tests get! I can’t go to the Bank today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Finally agreed to come to the Bank. “To the cell to go I had one, but before that, according to the agreement, we were obliged to come to the Bank, the three of us, and I had to show buyers of housing in the presence of Bank employees his residence,” explains the pensioner.

And here they sit in the Bank with the realtor, and no women customers. “Fit for a senior Manager, explain the situation. Like, it is necessary to collect the money,” continues Natalya Lyubimova.

In the end, to the safe the pensioner was allowed. That’s just the money wasn’t there, as it turned out, long ago took either the buyer, or realtor, or both for a couple. Although to put them to the cell Bank had no right.

“I run in the economic crimes – says Lyubimov. – Write the application”.

In a month the answer comes in the criminal case institution was denied. The pensioner submits an application again – rejected again. The police don’t even make the request to the Bank and asks for information about who and why allowed to the cell.

“Again apply. Seven more months of waiting. I there was present, who took the money from the cells, can the Bank take? In the end, food is the key cell in the office of the President,” – says Lyubimov.

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Meanwhile winter comes. No septic tank. To go to Loo becomes chilly. Retired 14 thousand rubles to equip a civilized toilet with a bath tub does not work. “More than 100 thousand it is necessary on the septic tank plus internal wiring. I’m a sick old man, thought, I’ll live with all amenities, but in the end all the crap you have to drag yourself to,” says Lyubimov.

In short, 400 thousand for her – a lot of money.

“Received a letter from the office of the President, which directed the order in the Ministry of internal Affairs. And then begins the whole Saga! I assign the case to a certain investigator Obolensky. I call, they tell me: Yes he’s already resigned! Only the Bank can give help, who opened the cell and took the money. I have a new investigator asked: got the reference? Says: yeah I don’t remember! And again, I refuse to initiate criminal proceedings”.

But the pensioner does not give up.

“I’m a fourth year running on all instances and prove that I stole the money! For me, a pensioner, is a lot of money! I with bad backs carrying buckets on themselves. Two police offices were assigned this case both even or in the tooth foot. Not even a phone call not once,” says the pensioner.

And wondering – what do we have for the police? “They don’t care at all”, – the pensioner doesn’t understand.

And maybe it’s not the fault of the police. Maybe cut them so that each theft to do not have enough staff. Here and remains to fight crime by the method of “even not in the tooth foot”.

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