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It’s time for racial equality in professional sports

Пришло время расового равенства в профессиональном спорте

Пришло время расового равенства в профессиональном спорте



Lowell Ponte (Lowell Ponte)


Last week a scandal erupted: star Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) refused to visit the White house together with his team, and the President, Donald trump suggested that professional athletes who don’t want to get up at the sound of the national anthem, should be fired.

The owners and coaches of NFL teams immediately rushed to defend the right of players to Express during the games, their views. Billionaire Shahid Khan (Shahid Khan), the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, donated to the campaign trump a million dollars, was released together with the athletes on the field to support their protest.

The protesters are members of the NFL, of course, in its own right. Skin color actually colors and life experiences, and professional activities. To change this, governments, universities and corporations often resort to positive discrimination — provide for the recruitment of staff and admission of students preference to some candidates on grounds of race, although this is not conducive to genuine meritocracy.


We and our children have always admired the high standards of professional sports. Success in it to achieve the best possible players, regardless of nationality or skin color. No wonder Americans have so much respect for sporting achievements. Champions inspire us all and deserve considered our heroes.

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However, now we have to sacrifice in the name of justice and equality. We should, as has happened in many other professions, to substitute the merits of the standard reflects the structure of the American population.

Human rights in practice happens is called the “unequal impact”. If among the population in certain areas 12% are Inuit, and at some local companies, the proportion of Eskimos less, this is clearly evidence of racial discrimination. Accordingly, in this case, you must enter a quota for the employment of Eskimos.

For example, men of African American descent make up only about 6% of the American population, but they are so talented that their share among NFL players is around 70%, and among NBA players — 74,4%.

NFL and NBA it is time to correct this injustice. They should be required to hire and fire players on racial criteria, while — say, by 2020 — each team will not meet in their racial composition to the population of the United States. At the time of the last census, the United States was 12.6% African American, 16.3% Hispanic or Latino, 4.8% asianshemalexke and 72.4% of white. And so it should look like the racial structure of the NFL and NBA.

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If our sports must be politicized, then it’s time to push the merits and talents into the background and go to racial quotas. Sport should proportionally reflect the racial composition of America.

Professional football and basketball team should be brought into line with the racial profile of America, as bad as this is impact on their success. To do otherwise would be racism. Our sport should be a model of racial equality not only in words but also in deeds.

Lowell Ponte — author and co-author of eight books. The last of his works — “Money, morals and the Machine” (“Money, Morality & The Machine”).

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