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It was the third month since the inauguration

Шёл третий месяц с момента инаугурации

A blow to the national welfare from the government of Russia. It would seem and here Putin?

It was the third month since the inauguration of Putin’s presidency. Even the Constitution do not have time to give off heat from the hand of the “sun of the nation” in the universe, and the government appointed them, began to “eat” people.
Show completely…

On 14 June, the world Cup, made a historic decision to raise the retirement age and the increase in VAT, which will affect the welfare of all our countrymen, and not in a positive way. Statements for which no one will be ashamed…

To say that this is the comprador ruling is the fruit only of the government, is impossible, as all initiatives are consistent and are developed in coordination with the President. It would seem, gave the word to people here:

“I want to note that I am against raising the retirement age. And while I’m President, such decisions will not be accepted”, – Putin said in 2005.

But no, the decision was made, why? There is no money? Money is full, oil is expensive, the dollar against the ruble higher than in 2014 doubled, the reserves are replenished, for the first time in the last few years, Russia has a Federal budget surplus, inflation of 2.5% in 2017. Objective reasons for the rising age of retirement, no! FROM THE WORD AT ALL!

And here’s another one, fresh statement of Vladimir Putin from the message to the Federal Assembly

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“(In execution) most important tasks to ensure quality of life and well-being of people, of course, we have not yet reached the necessary level. But we must do it and do it. The role of the state in the modern world is determined not only and not so much natural resources, production facilities, and above all human conditions for development, self-realization, creativity of each person. So everything is based on saving the people of Russia and the welfare of our citizens. Here we need to make that final breakthrough”

According to the results of the decision, what was done?

Can self-realization be improved? The youth at the first opportunity went abroad simply because in Russia few prospects for self-fulfillment, social mobility for the common people is broken.

As the self-actualization of citizens will be affected by raising the retirement age? Or in such an extravagant way, the leaders of the Russian state want to achieve violent-realization among senior citizens and approaching retirement age?

And certainly from the increase in VAT and the retirement age the welfare of citizens does not increase, but rather reduced.

What will the solution to the “offshore aristocracy” In conjunction with high gasoline prices, the increase in VAT will lead to a significant increase in food prices, which could reduce income in real terms of more than n 5% in 2019.

Half of our compatriots working in the informal sector of the economy, they will retire at 70 years, since the labor owner is at home, not the employer.

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70% -80% of Russian men simply will not live to retirement, thereby reducing the amount of required payments by the FIU to the remaining pensioners. Famous heart surgeon Yakov brand that died recently, was 63 years old. Honored artist of Russia Igor Lyakh died at the age of 55 years.

After 55 years before retirement, those who survive, will languish, because at work they tend not to take, preferring the younger. Citizens can stand at the employment center on the account, but work for them are generally not.

For dessert

Crimean bridge cost about $15 billion.

Nord stream 2 – about $10 billion.

Turkish stream – about $20 billion.

Power of Siberia – $60 billion (for comparison, the cost of Gazprom’s total of $54 billion).

The world Cup – about $15 billion.

Total: $120 billion, or 7.5 TRILLION RUBLES (remember this figure), at the exchange rate on July 15, 2018.

Who are the main contractors data “megastream”? The companies included in the holdings Stroytransgaz, stroygazmontazh Stroytransgaz and owned by the friends of the President-Gennady Timchenko and Arkady Rotenberg

In turn, the government plans to gain from raising the retirement age 3 TRILLION and 300 billion roubles from the VAT increase. To give contracts 2 families in 7.5 trillion rubles, and take the 145 million citizens 3.3 trillion while raising the age of retirement and VAT, what is it?


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