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It was not how many years, and suddenly – again!

Не было сколько лет и вдруг - опять!

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Suddenly, the country returned to elections of governors were abolished after the Beslan tragedy in 2004..

The strange thing is that in today’s elections almost no campaigning was not carried out and most people are surprised to learn that you can go to the polls. But whether it was necessary to walk? Probably not worth it, since the campaign of the citizen to the polling station didn’t change a thing. Huber was elected long before the election and the present procedure only will document chapters(Arey) provinces.

In fact, six months ago was the evaluation of the performance of “chapters” regions and made “draw conclusions”. Careless servants of the people called up and there was persuaded to apply for early resignation “on their own” hot desire.

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The “elected” legislative Assembly set aside the Guber subjects were not given sanctions for the resignation of the tricksters, not heard their reports, does not object to the Kremlin…

However, there were also the slow-witted goober, did not poprosil of early retirement. Someone White. These politically laid down. This STU was a very large bribe. Wow, two terms remained sitting, was able to deceive even our President, you scoundrel!

After that, the guarantor of the Constitution was appointed, by choosing the best among the best” orphaned province acting their, various reliable experts, koi and now finds itself on the ballot. Again, not asking the legislative Assembly…

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To get the “unverified” through the municipal filter controlled by the “ER” was virtually impossible. Yes and no cost, because the electoral system is designed so that the desired result will be achieved “before”.

To talk about the credibility and legitimacy of elected rulers today it’s hard. Because elections are considered valid if any turnout and winners are elected by a tiny minority of citizens.

It is also interesting that in Tatarstan elections were not held. Because this subject is already legally not part of the Russian Federation and the expired in July, the relationship agreement has not been renewed…

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