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“It took a year to love sauerkraut”. Mexican about life in Russia

"Понадобился год, чтобы полюбить квашеную капусту". Мексиканка о жизни в России

Thalia – the Mexican, who learned Russian through films by Tarkovsky. She lives in Ekaterinburg for more than two years. Waist used to the cold, learned to cook the soup, love the spring. While still a baby, she watched the video with great russkimi ballerinas and even then, she just decided that someday will definitely go to Russia.

Dancing, dancing and dancing. Russian and Latin
My name is Talia, I was born and raised in Mexico and lived for two years in Russia. I work here in several places, one of them – the Academy of dance. I think students from Russia sympathetic to me. I teach them the salsa, it’s fun and brings me pleasure. Of course, people from Russia do not tend to dance in this style – to feel the rhythms of the drums… It’s very different from Russian culture and traditions. One important feature of our national dance is how we move different parts of the body. When you feel your body as all movements are merged with the music. This is the body language tropical or Latin dance. Russian national dances, the Slavonic dances or the dances that I teach are very different. It is not in rhythm, not how fast or slow you move and how body parts are moving in harmony with each other. In our dances such as the hips go in one direction and the shoulders in another, that’s where can be difficult. But in Russia, many great dancers who can dance salsa, bachata.

"Понадобился год, чтобы полюбить квашеную капусту". Мексиканка о жизни в России

photo vk Talia Tello

Acquaintance with Russia. Tarkovsky, ballet and music
Mexico of my childhood is a socialist, democratic country, and we always treat Russia (then Soviet Union) as a great friend. My first acquaintance with Russian culture was through ballet. When I was little I went to ballet school and I watched the video with great Soviet ballerinas, at the time of the Kirov and Bolshoi theatres. For me it was well, just wow! Russia – God of ballet! So how many famous and talented ballet dancers come from Russia. For me it’s a place where art lives. And perhaps I myself invented the myth about Russia: I thought that everyone here listen to classical music, go to see the ballet, you know about the theater, the Stanislavsky… But it’s not. I’ve never heard any Russian music, except classical. And when I came to Russia, my husband gave me to listen to the music that plays here on TV, and all of the songs was “lalala” – pop, and I was a little disappointed. There are few who listens to classical music, watching ballet… It was my personal myth about Russia. Also, when I was growing up in Mexico, I watched all of Tarkovsky’s films. Their free show at a local University. I watched them all and fell in love with Tarkovsky. Thanks to his films, I got a different view of Russia, especially thanks to his first film “Andrei Rublev”. Of course, it’s one thing when you live in Russia, and when you get acquainted with Russia through cinema is completely different. But I always thought Russia a great country, a great nation.

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"Понадобился год, чтобы полюбить квашеную капусту". Мексиканка о жизни в России

photo vk Talia Tello

About food. Soup, cabbage and fennel seeds
I like buckwheat, it is incredibly delicious. I eat it every day. My mother in law taught me how to cook borscht. Borsch is the famous soup in Russia. Before serving, soup can sour cream and add herbs, salt, pepper and the soup is ready. He is amazing, I love it, very tasty. Also my mother in law cooks very delicious sauerkraut with carrot. It adds a little bit of seasoning and fennel seeds – it turns out amazing taste. It took me a year to love sauerkraut, but now I can’t live without her. Plus, I love berries. In Mexico, growing strawberries, but my country is not famous for its berries. When I came here in my first summer was struck by the abundance of berries. I love berries, I go into the woods, collect them, and then covered with sugar and freeze. And now I have in the fridge is frozen red raspberries. It is very tasty.

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What is Russia and what is not in Mexico. Trams and spring
I live in Ekaterinburg. I was very impressed by the first spring here. I consider wow, what happened!? I could not know the city. All green, all beautiful. What I was missing in Mexico, and what I have here is the trams. We don’t have them. They were in Mexico city at the beginning of the last century, but then ceased to exist. I think the trams adorn any city. We might not have enough open rivers. I like it a lot in Russia. We have no open channels, all the rivers run underground. Well here is rivers and bridges on which you can walk, it gives a romantic touch.

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