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It marks the expansion of trade and sanctions war?

О чем сигнализирует расширение торговых и санкционных войн?

Despite the hesitation, the inner struggle, strife with the European satellites, dissatisfaction with the results of the summit “seven” and the scandal with the White house’s agreement with the joint communiqué and other events, the logic of which urged Washington to show restraint, the US imposed the duties against China. Almost 700 items of imported products from China are now subject to 25% import tariff.

Since the symmetrical response of Beijing has been promised in advance and no surprise, as no surprise the future, promised “crackdown” by trump, it remains to say that the United States entered a total trade war with everyone. And received against himself if not a United front, because of specific agreements on this issue of Beijing with Brussels yet, the prerequisites for its occurrence.

It is possible that some steps in this direction in the near future will take the IMF managing Director, Christine Lagarde, who spoke strongly against unilateral increase in fees, calling them “threatening the global economy and world trading system”. And promising the Americans “boomerang” in the form of “otvetku.”

Since the option to “exit mind” and willingness to single-handedly interfere with the entire planet, that is, the inadequacy of Donald trump, we a priori reject, is not such a great choice. Either everything that happens is meant to scare the partner of Washington, making them more flexible and ready for a humiliating “compromise” with the “big brother” (which I almost managed to do at the summit Джи7 in Canada), or hands of the trump lead people who have their vision of a global present and future. And it so does not coincide with the generally accepted views that the American President was simply elected to the role of battering RAM designed to destroy the existing reality and pave a clearing for the new.

Openly mocking other leaders of “seven”, the us President just a day exuded in the address, Kim Jong-UN such a courtesy, which could envy even Theresa may, British Prime Minister closely associated with the United States as “seven” and NATO, and the traditional inter-elite ties, which for decades worked out.

The main analytical version that acting on the principle “beat the that strangers were afraid”, US as if defending their national interests, in this case not working. First, beat their foes indiscriminately. Secondly, it is impossible not to take into account the dependence of Washington on the influential Israeli lobby, nor the apparent “naive” and another trump, fighting — do it again — with the whole world.

So what are seeking the American President? Isolation Of Europe? Cooperation in certain geopolitical goals? Or at stake the entire world order? We will present a number of theses, of course, arguable, but having the right to life. Especially if using them to try to look into a future and to understand the meaning of a global “perestroika” started by trump.

First. As decades were fulfilled when the elite of the West between themselves, and that the United States is still tied after the Second world war, through the Marshall plan, NATO, and then and European integration — from the European coal and steel community (1951) through the Treaty of Rome (1957) to the European Union (1992), and decades in the American elite there was a clear understanding that the unity of the West must first of all by the United States in support of its leadership, as well as for the consolidation in the interests of all Western capabilities. And what it should pay, for the granting of European satellites like Japan, security — military, political, financial-economic, technological and so on — is an instrument binding them to himself, so as not watched on the side.

There have also been practice-proven understanding that deviate from this route and to the side to watch, and not shelving them. Example — constant French Fronde: the elite of this country could not forget the Americans initial desire to turn France into occupied an accomplice of Nazi Germany, given the close ties with Berlin, the collaborationist “Vichy” government of Marshal Philippe pétain. And at every opportunity showed Washington a Fig in the form of requirements to exchange dollars for gold, the exile headquarters of NATO and the exit of its military organization. And all this against the background of constant flirting with the Soviet Union.

Let us repeat: the understanding was, and the U.S. with this understanding lived on from one generation of leaders to another. Changed the presidency, the vectors of internal and external processes, but the notorious “Atlantic solidarity”, as well as the Alliance with Japan as its own “unsinkable aircraft carrier” and an Outpost in Asia Pacific, never wavered. Even such thoughts did not arise.

On the contrary, was worth in the early 80-ies of the Europeans closer to Moscow, the distance is closer than allowed, according to Washington, followed by a shout. Followed and specific actions in the form of accommodation in Germany nuclear medium-range missiles, which were put there not so much against the Soviet Union as to bring to life their own “uncontrolled” allies. Followed by the famous remark of one of the advisers of George H. W. Bush, Europe-de, of course, can flirt with the Soviet Union, but to end it for her nuclear war on its own territory.

And if you now understand the necessity of binding to itself elements of the system, the core of which are the United States, suddenly disappeared somewhere, and those who are in that understanding remain, squeezed in a marginal field, it’s not trump, it is only “scrap”, which bring down the castles, and that change not tactical, but really the strategic priorities of those who brought trump to power in spite of “black myoprocta”.

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These priorities are formulated and put before the elected politicians the true rulers of the world civilization native irremovable conceptual power exercised closed transnational actors, reflected in public policy serve a variety of “shadow” gatherings — from councils, clubs, committees, and networks to leading think tanks associated with key corporations.

Changing the axioms on which the world order. And after all the axioms of the form a reality, including the political: “the Network logic leads to the emergence of the social determinants a higher level than the specific interests that motivate the formation of such networks: the power structure is stronger than the power structure. Belonging to one or another network, or lack thereof, along with the dynamics of some networks relative to others, are the main sources of power.”

This pronouncement of a major Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells methodology disclosed such “shadow” governance. And it shows that public political sphere, to break this system of decision-making, at least, remaining in the current paradigm of global financial capitalism, is impossible.

Second. Whether in this connection the question of reforming the existing system or about its demolition? If the agenda of reform, then what? If scrapped, what will change and, most importantly, who will do this? It is difficult to judge this at the level of speculation is impossible, it is possible to know only from the inside. Those who know these knowledge will never share. But to discuss we need to be alert and not be caught by surprise like the collapse of the USSR. So have to find out indirectly.

So, first, the fact that the victory of Donald trump over Hillary Clinton and how it was all furnished in the information field, shows clearly that the American elite was applied the method of “shock therapy”. And now, when the impact shock is slowly going, everything starts to “settle” differently, taking into account the shock of the experience and the direction in which it was deployed. And from this point of view the American elections in 2016 have a sort of “bifurcation point” in which the system introduced in short a state of ungovernability, to change its vector to resume the handling on the exit from that point.

Secondly, everything that happens between the US and Europe, as well as between the US and Japan, where it manifests itself indirectly through the dynamics of relations between Washington and Pyongyang — is the second stage of “shock therapy” applied by the constituent entities of the West “second order”, both European and far Eastern. “The first swallow”, which does not make a spring, but the trend indicates, was last year’s cover of the Transatlantic partnership and the U.S. withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership. In fact, because the question was how? And this: globalization is terminated or acquires a new, different form? The answer is given by the introduction of American duties against the EU and China. This means that globalization will continue, but what is happening is a struggle for leadership in it. At least this is a signal in favor of not scrapping world system, and its correction taking into account the current realities. For the “scrapping” could be considered a de-globalization, which in the beginning of last year even once mentioned the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, but more about that since then, nothing sounded.

Thirdly, an interesting and revealing episode between Christine Lagarde and Vladimir Putin at an economic forum in St. Petersburg. The managing Director of the IMF, “recommended” Russia to increase external borrowing, and the Russian leader, upsetting the guest, refused. Hold this story in mind.

Fourth, we present forgotten, especially with the death of its author, a quote that explains a lot.

“In the short term (five or approximately five years) America’s interest to preserve and strengthen the existing geopolitical pluralism on the map of Eurasia. …To prevent a hostile coalition, and especially the state (of Russia), is able to challenge. In the medium term (20 years) mentioned should gradually give way to the… the emergence of an increasingly important and strategically compatible partners who, under the leadership of America could help in the creation of TRANS-Eurasian security system, which unites a large number of countries. In the long term (over 20 years) all this should progressively lead to the formation of the world center for real joint political responsibility”.

This is Zbigniew Brzezinski, “the Grand chessboard”. In the text following this reasoning, he really puts the nail in the coffin of the concept of a “multipolar world”: “…the Geopolitical pluralism not an end in itself but a means of solving medium-term problems.”

It follows from this that the world stands at the fork of two scenarios. Will the development of the situation through the fiction of a “multipolar world” to Fukuyama “end of history” and “world government”, as recorded Brzezinski — let’s call a spade a spade, or of a fictitious “multipolar world” will find another way. And the system of global financial capitalism will get even longer “second”, but “the third breath” and its center will move from Washington and new York to somewhere else, as he, after the First world war with the rise to obscene British debt denominated in pounds sterling, was transferred from London to the other side of the “herring pools”, in the figurative expression of Arnold Toynbee. The US national debt is denominated in dollars (not the US and fed) is already taken obscene dimensions, threatening the collapse of the universe.

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But most importantly, the choice between these scenarios is phony, he is also a fiction. In fact, it is a choice between fast, by historical standards, “end of history”, which Brzezinski outlines his perspective, starting from the third decade of his forecast, made in 1997, that is, it is already gone. And its extension beyond these periods may far.

In the first embodiment, the transition to the third stage from the second it goes directly from the American leadership, around which today and broken spears. In the second all is slightly more difficult, and the third stage will be preceded by the delay of the second associated with the “third breath” of the system of global financial capitalism in the form of a transfer of its centre, say, in China. And who knows, maybe between Brzezinski and quote “community of common destiny of mankind” has much more in common than it might seem?

Why choose a — phony? Because none of the options — not for the preservation of American leadership, or his interception of China — third phase characterized by Brzezinski as the “center for real joint political responsibility”, it doesn’t. That is, does not involve a change of the world order established by globalization.

All maneuvers are conducted around that, replacing virtual globalization, say, antiglobalization, to preserve the integrity of final beneficiaries of global power — the actual owners of approximately ten to twelve companies to manage assets that are on the top of the global Olympus. For the anti-globalization — a mirror image of globalism financed from the same sources which are not against globalization, but for a different globalization. Second hand, controlled by the same head as the first.

This can be clearly seen on the example of much discussion last year’s report, awakened from their lethargy of the club of Rome “Come on!”. Later, ladies and gentlemen! To step twice into the same water, wrapped around the finger of a trusting public, will not work. And reliability of the defeat suffered in this globalism, has no value, if instead under the guise of alternatives are available “the same Faberge, only a side view”.

What kind of company beneficiaries? This is another topic, but in a nutshell, here are the main: BlackRock, Vanguard, Capital Partners, State Street, Fidelity Investments, J. P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of New York Mellon, AXA Group, Barclays, etc. How many tens of trillions of assets they manage is can be viewed on the websites of Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance and the like, will not be distracted. Anyone interested in the details — it is the study initiated in 2011, the Swiss Federal Institute of technology (SFTI) and is still ongoing, because from time to time these details are updated and verified.

Third. It becomes clear that it is not in the hands of the matter, and in the head. And a genuine alternative to today’s disastrous world order is formed not by juggling with centers of globalization in the framework of the “multipolar” fiction that leads to the third stage, and a waiver of this phase. Will I have to cut the head of the beneficiaries or she will wither away and fall off as useless — it is a matter of ability/inability of the global alternatives to protect not only from each of the potential centers of globalization, but also from their Alliance. One answer to this challenge is a fundamentally new integration Association, each of which will pull the chair out from under another beneficiary.

No debts after all — remember the “delayed” story — can lead to illusions of becoming the center of the next “globalization”, or to break with the world order, reproducing the globalization scenario, each new stage of its… no, not development, and decomposition and decay.

Instead of the third stage of the “Brzezinski plan” (aka “global plan” of the club of Rome) associated with the embedding in the true global alternative can only be considered a vector perpendicular to the system which leads from the second stage away their own route.

And it is not necessary to sneer about “trunk road” and “deviations” from him, for today it is obvious that the coveted elite “highway” does not correspond to the vector of wide popular interest. Recent but not the last anti-social government initiatives — a visual confirmation that the “main” locusts determined to eat everything she can reach, without residue. The question of prevention of this today is equally if not more acutely than even a century ago.

Humanity expects from Russia not “innovative” creativity, which aggravates the madness of the system, faster moving downhill, and a new Word. For it is always the Word, without which any attempts to penetrate into the meaning of life invariably turn out to be a set of sporadic bustle in search of ways to satisfy primitive instincts.

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