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It is cheaper for the 800 million: New or used?

Что выгоднее за 800 тысяч: Новый или подержанный?

From 2018 new cars should again increase due to increased utilization fee. So the question of what kind of car is better to buy new or used, — is no less acute than before. Indeed, for conventional 800 000 rubles, you can buy normally equipped with new Hyundai or Mitsubishi ASX a three-year or six-year-old Toyota Camry. But what will happen after purchase? What car will be cheaper to maintain? About this talk today, or rather, count what was happening.

The pros and cons

Of the obvious. A used car does not need to carry to the dealer, and you can serve yourself, a friend, in garages, service club, or an unofficial dealer in any case will be cheaper. Secondly, you can not be afraid to put on the car some extra equipment in fear that it comes off warranty. It unleashes and allows you to turn fairly old and not too modern car in the innovative vehicle Keyless entry system, rear view camera, head-up display and so on. Fortunately, Chinese online stores allow inexpensive upgrade for almost any car.

On the other hand, a used car is a tape measure, the cat in the bag: you never know when it will break. While the careful purchase allows more or less understand when and what will have to change, surprises are still possible. Well, enough raw reasoning. Go to facts and figures.

Solaris, Mitsubishi and Toyota




Mitsubishi ASX (three years)

Toyota Camry (six)

Hyundai Solaris (new)

The cost of the car

800 000

800 000

800 000

The value of the car after three years

649 000

650 000

506 000

A loss of value for three years in rubles

151 000

150 000

294 000

The residual value percentage


A total of 81.25


The average annual mileage, km



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Run for three years, km




The cost for three years, RUB.




The cost of CTP for 3 years, RUB.




Vehicle tax for 3 years, RUB.




The hull for three years, RUB.


The cost of gasoline per liter, RUB.




Fuel consumption per 100 km, l




The cost of fuel over 3 years, RUB.




Expenditures for three years, RUB.

457 000

525 000

775 000

The cost of 1 km, RUB.




For example, I took the new Hyundai Solaris, three-year and six-year-old Mitsubishi ASX, Toyota Camry, and counted the cost of a kilometer for each of these machines.

From the table it is evident that used cars lose in the price less than new. So, for three years, the new Solaris will lose almost 37% of its original value, and used ASX and Camry are losing over the next three years of my life less than 20%.

To the comparison was correct, we put in value for used cars ratio and a half. This is intentional in order to account for unforeseen expenditure on items that have just come to the end of the resource.

Thus, the cost of one kilometer on the new Hyundai Solaris will cost about 13 cents on a six year old Toyota Camry 8.75 rubles, and three-year Mitsubishi ASX — only 7.6 rubles.

Especially the attentive reader will have noticed that the new Solaris for three years was insured for hull and Camry and ASX — no. This is indeed the case. CASCO insure new cars up to three years, and then on the insurance score. But that would be unfair. If you count the cost of Solaris that will not insure for hull, the cost of a kilometer it will be 8.5 rubles — exactly as much as the Camry.

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What conclusions can we draw? The main conclusion is that the maintenance of a used car, if we’re not talking about premium brands, not more expensive than the maintenance of the new budgetary foreign cars. And the fear that a six year old machine will ruin you, you shouldn’t (if you purchase a live instance, attended the former owners).

Separate words deserve the premium cars of Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover. These cars better not to buy second-hand because the parts costs are much higher than for cars national brands. Plus the latest technology are often not too reliable in the context of the times. And the cost to replace the same parts on the car manufacturer’s budget and premium manufacturer may vary significantly.

So it is not necessary between Toyota and Mercedes to choose the Mercedes, because: a) he’s older and with high mileage, and b) the cost of its maintenance and repair will be higher C) the tax on it will be very large.

Now compare the cost of a kilometer of the new Solaris one year old. The cost of a kilometer of a new one is 8.5 rubles, and the cost of 1 km from the employee’s Solaris is equal to 6,3 RUB As you can see, the difference is almost 30%. The state of the machine, which is only one year, it will be almost like new, with, most likely, the car you will get with a second set of wheels and, possibly, an optional gear which would have had to pay out of pocket when buying a new car.

So, another conclusion to which we have gradually come — if you’re going to buy a new car, but want to save money, look for exactly the same, but one year old.

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