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Is not dream nor Orwell, nor Hitler or Stalin, nobody has.

Такое не снилось ни Оруэлу, ни Гитлеру ни Сталину, — никому!

People under full electronic control… Could any of us imagine only some two decades ago? Today, this tool will sooner or later be adopted by government and corporations, and this should be ready — warns CEO of NTP ROBIS Vladimir Stasevich.

Speaking at the conference “Russia in the period of developed Putinism” with the report “the Digital economy: real prospects and unreasonable expectations”, Mr I. stated that the options of fight against digital virtually no control. Another thing — what is control and who will use such a serious tool. If the electronic totalitarianism will work for the good of society, then nothing bad will happen. But if it turns into a concentration camp, it is very bad.

It should be noted that since gaining access to the Internet, the mass consumer has become not just a consumer of content, he became its Creator. A large part of that is on servers on the Internet created by users. Someone gladly posted their data. Who is not laid out for them, it makes the electronic devices. For example, the same smartphones that allows you to record all our movements, conversations, store them on servers and analyze. This can be used against the individual and society, and to the benefit of it.

— We are waiting for breakthrough technologies based on new principles, — says V. I. Stasevich. — They are so sophisticated that are beyond the level of human understanding. The results of the analysis of large amounts of information to form new hypotheses of the state of society. And we actually first came to real public study level traffic matters.

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According to Stasevich, it is possible that in the near future we learn about our society, something that will change our perception of it. And this knowledge can be used wisely and for the benefit of the business. The first signs of such treatment of data are already available in China, which introduced the experiment by assigning citizens to social rating. This rating is most directly can affect a person’s life, the extension or limitation of rights and freedoms.

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 “This was not a dream nor Orwell, nor Hitler or Stalin, — to anybody!” — summed up the speaker.

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