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IOC – dissolve, WADA – ruin, McLaren – on trial

МОК – распустить, WADA – разорить, Макларена – под суд

The allegations against Russian athletes in doping are removed in batches, and on the agenda rise to the requirement to punish all participants of the campaign of discrediting Russian sport.

Actually, we should write about the end of the process.

If our officials from the sport were pageschinese.

But the good news is the fact that the life of seeking justice more successful than they are. And provided the opportunity to request trial and sentencing to all those who participated in the brutal discredit our sport and our country. And who now, pursing his lips and hiding his eyes, admits: Yes, accusations of Russia in the application of the state system of doping were unjustified and unsubstantiated.

МОК – распустить, WADA – разорить, Макларена – под суд

IOC – dissolve, WADA – ruin, McLaren – on trial

In other words, false. And for a lie to be answered.

Conspiracy of shameless and mindless…

Harsh? And let’s remember how it was and what ended.

A Richard McLaren, the independent expert of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) introduced in 2016, the report about doping in Russian sports. The meaning of it in General was the fact that in Russia there is a state system of doping athletes. That totally used illegal drugs. And to hide it from anti-doping control, the Russian government in the face of the FSB withdraws genuine samples and replaces them with replacement, “right”. That is clean.


In particular, McLaren claimed that the samples of Russian athletes at the Olympic games in Sochi contain traces of tampering. Something that sinister majors FSB under cover of night, broke into the wall of the laboratory, in leather gloves and collected test tubes, dissected them, and cynically substituted for the urine of his athletes.

And so, such a method of substitution of doping tests was used 643 times in the three years from 2012 to 2015.

The story chilling, so impressed the IOC that he immediately decided to retest all doping samples Russian athletes from the Games in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

But even before receiving the results of the international Olympic Committee has suspended Russian athletes from participation in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and even hinted that just because of his boundless generosity banned all Olympic team to perform at these competitions.

But the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) generosity was more moderate and on the initiative of its President Philip Craven, Russian Paralympians to the games is not allowed. And this is only because of the rumor that these guys appeared in the list “McLaren”. Which lists, by the way, anybody and never saw.

And removed from the competition Russian skiers, biathletes, skaters?! And humiliation at the world Championships in athletics, when Russian sportsmen acted on behalf of a “neutral country”!

It could not be just. Such a sharp, resonant and extremely cruel to the athletes decision, such a coordinated way at such a high level may not be taken on the basis of one report of one expert, not even published.

It was a conspiracy. The plot to discredit. Russian athletes, Russian sports and Russia in the end.

Who was the customer? Constantinople at the time, wrote that it was not without the Rockefellers and the Executive office of the President of the United States. Then it was Barack Obama, helplessly eager to isolate Russia and to tear apart its economy.

However, as recent events show, this conspiracy was even shameless and brainless plot. Because it was necessary to be in an incredible stage of self-blinding to think that such actions will be humbly accepted by the defendant. That is, the calculation on the cowardice of the Russian sports officials, who in fact initially finely nodded like a Chinese idol, and began to assure that all check and all comments will be taken into account, this calculation was justified.

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But it is – at first. Because in Russia there are powerful civil society, which protested such a blatant lawlessness. And it began to put pressure on sports officials, demanding to protest, to sue, to protect the athletes. And officials were forced to succumb to this pressure. And in turn, put pressure on international sports organizations, demanding legal procedures in a lawful investigation.

And then the miracle happened: just McLaren blatantly stated that they will deprive of medals the Russian Paralympians, and after a short time it was reported that the IOC does not believe McLaren and requires proof of guilt of officials from Russia…

IOC – dissolve, WADA – ruin, McLaren – on trial

Very interesting and thought-provoking story twists and svorachivanie the initiators of this violent attack on Russia, if we trace it at least in news headlines. From confidence (McLaren will release a new report on doping in mid-November) to the reluctance to answer the awkward questions (the head of the Commission WADA ignore the invitation of state Duma deputies to visit Russia), and attempts to find evidence (IOC is looking for in the samples 2014 athletes from Russia traces of doping) to recognize that they are not (Blood of Russian athletes at the Olympics in Sochi was clean – IOC).

And here is the result: WADA struck out the names of the 95 Russian athletes from the report of the McLaren.

The same “new York times” that with pleasure whirled doping scandal and smeared mud all Russian sport now reports that the World anti-doping Agency ended an investigation against 95 Russian athletes from 96 that were mentioned in the report of Richard McLaren.

“The available evidence was insufficient to say that the anti-doping rules have been violated these 95 athletes”, – the newspaper quotes words – attention! Director General of WADA, Olivier Niggli.

But this is only the beginning. According to first Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) Stanislav Pozdnyakov, “as of 6 September 2017, mentioned in the report of the McLaren 1000 Russian athletes none has been convicted and has not been disqualified on the basis of information provided”. A year of absolutely epic investigation with the involvement of all international sports organizations!

And “fault” in closing cases against the Russian athletes were named Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. He escaped to the USA, there began to tell horror stories about the FSB agents, who, under the cover of night wetting the waste in the sewer test-tube athletes.

“Rodchenkov, an important witness is unavailable to testify at the WADA uncontrollable reasons,” the letter says the Director of the WADA cited “new York times”.

Rightly so, by the way, what is hidden. Because it turned out that all the allegations in the reports, McLaren was based only on his testimony. And, of course, any objective court began to ask many interesting questions regarding the available evidence of his stories. And, of course, pretty soon would find out that these fables are real no reason. And therefore all the attempts of the canadian Professor of law to accuse Russia of “the public policy of dopirovaniya” are shameful even for a first-year evidence of his incompetence and malice.

Unprofessional malice.

And it is at those levels where decisions are made to make a smear campaign like that of doping, is punished. And cruel. That’s why the figure from the same camp global microprofile, which gave the current sports scandal, Hillary Clinton, stretches a dismal number of a hundred corpses. Those who do not did the trick or could dissolve the language. McLaren screwed up their case. And Rodchenkov, to not say never more than what he already said… In General, properly done, it disappeared. If only he had not gone for the reason mentioned in the previous sentence.

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But we in Russia, in fact, have nothing against him. We care about the broken destinies of our athletes. And for that, someone needs to answer. Who?

Yes, everything! Everyone who tormented them and ridicule based on the ridiculous charges that would not pass any proceedings. They are not passed.

So, citizen Richard McLaren. From the point of view of Russian national criminal law, his actions, like the actions of the then leadership (WADA), fall under signs of crime under article 128.1 of the Criminal code “Defamation”. He is a foreigner outside the jurisdiction of our national legislation? Not at all. Because he committed his crime against the citizens of Russia. And must answer for it according to the laws of Russia.

Thus, the fact McLaren should be considered in any – for example, the Basmanny court on the basis of a completely unbiased and legitimate its decisions are wanted. Including through Interpol. At the first opportunity and arrested, deported to Russia to stand there before the court. For libel, I suppose, many will not – there is an explicit paragraph 3, the perpetrator “shall be punished by a fine of up to two million rubles or the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period up to two years, or by compulsory works for a term of up to three hundred twenty hours.”

A little, but apart from slander in the composition of the acts of the McLaren causing serious property damage. Consider: the cost of preparation of athletes for competitions, who retired from the canadian accuser in the emptiness; loss of profits from thwarted his fault advertising contracts; the costs of organizing alternative events. Presumably, skilled managers will account for another five points. And then – in all fairness: let them return the money. Or fulfills them at a price for the clearing of a cubic meter of snow in the urban village of Berry Magadan region – minus the cost of food, the contents and the outposts…

The same applies to members of the “McLaren Commission”, which put forward exaggerated, as it turns out, accusations of massive and systematic cover-UPS of doping Russian athletes. But the same goes for WADA as an organization – after all, it is recommended that the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) to disqualify the all-Russian athletics Federation. On the first, incidentally, with extraordinary joy went.

For organizations, of course, Sunny climate of the Kolyma river. But for them, there is a very good tool for the enlightenment of the minds – the fines and requirements to cover losses. And any arbitrary size. Punished USA a German company Volkswagen for $ 18 billion on a completely trumped-up charges. And we make up one’s mind not need anything: the allegations themselves collapsed.

Well, the main thing. After his complicity in the dirty and – can not be afraid of this word – criminal campaign against Russia, the international Olympic Committee has lost the moral right to represent the global Olympic movement. If Russia is that from the first three leading sporting and Olympic Nations of the planet, he allows himself to ask what he could do with some Gabon?

If he is without the most thorough inspection takes decision on disqualification is not a separate samozaschita doping (proven samozaschita!) athletes, entire teams, applying totalitarian, even the medieval method of collective responsibility – it is quite possible to call sports a genocide.

And the international Olympic movement was created, in particular, as the antithesis of war, genocide and hatred between people. And as the head of it may be that the organization that zamesova themselves in such actions, absolutely incomprehensible.+

Therefore, the IOC in its current composition needs to be dissolved

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