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Interpol is no longer wanted by the Russian emigrant Gregory birthplace

Gregory Rodin, a former adviser to the mayor of the Russian city of Yaroslavl Eugene Urlashov, the Director of the Yaroslavl Institute for the development of strategic initiatives (IRSI), which as of 2014 in Russia were persecuted for political reasons, and in 2017, was granted asylum in Germany, can now freely travel abroad, because his data was deleted from the Interpol’s wanted list.

We will remind, in March of this year Gregory Rodin was detained on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The Polish authorities arrested him temporarily, as, despite the fact that he got asylum in Germany, his name was in the international wanted list. In Poland, Grigory was detained for 17 days. After this unpleasant incident a political refugee has applied to the Commission of Interpol for the control of files (CCF) with the requirement to remove its data from the database. After some time, Gregory Rodin received a letter from international organizations, which reported that he is no longer a subject of investigation.

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In March, after the arrest at the border, the Polish side had intended to give Mr. Rodina of Russia. Authorities have not convinced even issued a German passport, which indicates the status of the political refugee and the residence permit in the country. But for the health of Gregory, and with the help of German diplomats, it was possible to release.

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Then, in an interview for “Colonization Herald” Mr. Rodin commented on the situation in Poland: “the Incident is the inadequacy of EU law. If one EU country gives man shelter, it does not mean that the other country automatically recognizes this status. And each country needs to consider this issue separately… it Turned out that in Poland I don’t have the protection from such kind of queries and problems. Same story with the rest of the countries there I do not exclude from the database”.

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