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Instead of the soul of these people wallets

Albert Speransky

Recently the Moscow regional court there was a traffic accident. Five criminals facing a life sentence, the court was guarded by only two officers escort service, one of which was a woman. In the Elevator bandits attacked the guards. One of the officers managed to press the disturbing button. Concerted action fighters of Regardie helped catch criminals.

Now we understand why it happened. Guards the minimum should be six to five. And since defendants from OPG, the convoy needs to be reinforced, eight people. The result of the attack of three bandits killed, two hospitalized. On a hospital bed also was wounded guards and Policeman.

Maybe we don’t have enough police officers? But, walking in the social networks of interesting photos. Six healthy, uniformed officers, perhaps in bullet-proof vests, lead to questioning the old lady with the poster. It says that it acts in defence of the striking truckers. The old woman stood with this poster in the square, no one interfered. People were passing by, ran in the eyes of the words on the poster, shook his head, did not approve of another attempt of the authorities to the well-being of our workers. And, behold, there came a platoon of police surrounded her, led him along the street toward the police station. It turns out we are not supposed to stand at the square, without asking permission from the administration. The old lady, God dandelion, proved worse than the five bandits. Here and threw the main police forces, to save the country.

Read the 31-th article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation – citizens of the Russian Federation shall have the right to assemble peacefully, without weapons, hold rallies, meetings and demonstrations, marches and pickets. About the man who stands alone, in the Constitution of conversation is not even underway. But it turns out that for these individuals, such freedom is allowed only with the permission of the authorities, the administration, against which act, which is criticized. And only those who want to come together and share thoughts and say no.

The administration of Samara was not allowed to hold a rally of pensioners in the city centre and suggested the organizers to move it outside the city. Beneficiaries for the third time tried to speak in protest against cuts in the region of benefits. Once again they do not succeed, I suggest instead of meeting to spend may day in the city. Negotiations with the organizers signed the answer of the mayoralty of Samara Peter Sachkov about other venues in the city over the fact that the official has ceased to take up.

Civic activist Ildar Dading decided to tell people how blurry the foundations of our Constitution various additions by our members. Together with the activist Sergei Ojcem they decided to read right on red square article of the law no tricky additions of applications that make our right to set any restrictions. At some point they were approached by police and warned that if they did not leave, detain them, which eventually happened.

In 1988 I published in “Literaturnaya Gazeta”
article: “Who speaks on behalf of the workers”, it was bags response. People could then listen and accept the truth, not the one that lives on the Olympic the top where the actors are the various gods of generals, scientists, writers, artists who sing along with the officials. This elite is already beginning to build a capitalist steps in the future as by the order of the working class. From my same article happened, amazing things in the city of Yeysk of Krasnodar Krai on a Central square electrician Vladimir Osipov, two hours reading it through a megaphone, there were new passers-by and asked him to repeat all over again. Which would have barred the film would now Vladimir for such liberty?

In Tomsk region the article helped my buddy, the reporter,
the welder Nikolay Belousova from the city of Swan during the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, to become a Deputy. Campaign headquarters Nicholas had circulated an article in the form of campaign material, and she acted.

Dading, who read other articles of the Constitution of Russia on the red square, came to the protest movement after he witnessed the falsification of the parliamentary elections in Russia. In 2011-2015, he regularly participated in pickets and rallies, for what was repeatedly detained by law enforcement and brought to administrative responsibility. Wide fame came to Dadina after in early 2015 against him was opened Russia’s first criminal case introduced in the criminal code of the Russian Federation in 2014 article 212.1, providing for criminal responsibility for repeated violation of order of holding rallies. In December 2015 Dading was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. In September 2016, the Dading sent to serve his sentence in a correctional colony in Karelia where he is through his lawyer said in a letter to his wife about the fact that he was subjected to torture and beatings of prison staff. The letter was published in mass media and attracted public attention. 24 Jan 2017 goodcondition court demanded a revision of the sentence Dadina. The court refused to admit the article 212.1 of the criminal code contrary to the Constitution, proposed to the Russian Parliament to amend it, explaining that criminal liability may be imposed only in the case if the actions of the protesters caused damage to citizens, public safety.

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February 22, the Supreme court overturned the verdict Dadina. The activist was released from prison. He became the first convict in the country over the repeated violation of the rules of participation in the meetings, became the first Russian political prisoners who have achieved sentence cancellation.

Unfortunately, illegal detention without legal grounds for intimidation of people continues. In may of this year before the entrance of the plant, JSC “Nizhnekamskshina” was arrested and taken to the police station the members of the MPRA trade Union for distribution of the newspaper “Navigator of the trade Union”, in which was placed the material on the liability of employers for withheld wages. Obviously, finding this information is dangerous for the country, the company’s administration called the police to extinguish the discontent of subordinates. Before the workers of this factory have repeatedly appealed to many agencies for help, that they returned to the detained salary. No result.

The police Union members held a two-and-a-half hours without any explanations. However, treated them correctly. In conversation, the police lamented the fact that such actions of the plant management distract them from more important matters.

I think you should have to deal with the management of this plant, at least for a false call to the police. Why many appeal to the workers no one responded, and once got a call from the factory management, immediately rushed to the alarm, to pacify unhappy? It is these business owners Putin said in Yekaterinburg “borsato”. And immediately after these words, the workers in Nizhny Tagil issued a delayed paycheck. Unfortunately, such “borzota” bred in Russia and any laws, especially the new labour code, it does not want to curb. Putin simply was not enough.

What is the harm inflicted on the woman who took the post six civil police officers and taken to the police station for selection for her penalty? And why don’t are on the road under the escort of different cones that harm, pain to others, subordinates.

People work, and earned not given, and feed their families and children? In Novosibirsk on August 4, a man and a woman climbed onto the jib of a tower crane and have demanded from heaven the hosts of their earned money. In place of the departed police officers, rescuers and investigators of the TFR. After negotiations, the man and woman themselves came down from the crane. They paid the debt, and against the employer, it is not surprising, brought a criminal case.

This firm called “Sibstroy” the only way to have earned. Before that, I visited the crane boom another Builder. Threatened to jump if you do not pay the debt. He was persuaded to become a suicide. He descend on earth and the only way got the money.

In other construction companies of Novosibirsk has created a similar design cash. 31 Jul 28-year-old girl climbed on a construction crane, was required to pay the debt on a salary to her husband, threatened to jump from a height of 20-th floor. She was asked to come down from the height, the money husband received. You can continue to continue these stories, but frightening.

Before the previous Straight line with a President working at the cosmodrome “East” written in white paint on the roof of the residential cabins stroygorodok message to the President that can be seen from a great height. “Dear Vladimir Putin, Save the workers. I want to work. 4 months without a salary”, – reads the inscription-foot letters. The builders took a picture of the inscription from a construction site and sent the images to the press training centre direct line with President of Russia.

Such high-altitude treatment also come into fashion. In the small southern town of Gelendzhik, which lives only 70 thousand inhabitants, built unbeknownst to the administration of the city on one of the Central streets of a 14 storey building. Sold it in the apartment. And then, suddenly, the mayor of this house is noticed. And found that the house was built illegally and should be demolished. The tenants paid the money, left with nothing. In protest 70-year-old grandmother sent your certificate of ownership together with the receipt for payment of registration fee as a gift to President Putin. After some time came two ladies from the administration of Krasnodar region, was returned to the grandmother the gift and said that the regional government does not going to help, and the house comes down. When it became clear that their forces can not cope, the owners of apartments in this house decided to break in a direct line, wrote thousands of cases. But in the end, not only did not get aired to the President, didn’t even get replies from the President’s administration. Then people decided to hang a huge banner right on your house appeal to the President. And then the police were called, and a large letter to Putin ripped off.

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In a day when the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a direct line, 13 Tomsk citizens protesting against corruption in law enforcement agencies, has recorded a video message to the head of state in the Central square of the city, near the regional administration. The recording lasted for just 45-seconds. “We, the citizens of Tomsk — announced a protest hunger strike against inaction of Prosecutor’s office, investigative Committee, Ministry of internal Affairs, the mayor of Tomsk Klein, the Governor Zhvachkin, because we all suffered from the actions of fraudsters, turning on all offices for many years, but our issues are not seffrid solved nothing. Why? Because on the other side — not the common people, namely, officials, big businessmen, deputies, former and current, that is, those in power and money people. Accordingly, we, ordinary people, pensioners not able to defend their rights”

Gathered strapped turning to the three balloons and let them loose. Maybe will reach the addressee. During the preparation and conduct of a video appeal police approached the group and asked what they are doing, however, no observations were done to stop the video recording was not required. When the balls flew, women, authors, appeared first in the police and then in court.

The police grossly violated the law, holding women to the police station for six hours without drawing up a Protocol on administrative detention. The fact is that under current law, police may detain a citizen (without a Protocol of detention) for a period of not more than three hours. If this deadline is exceeded, then the police are obliged either to draw up a Protocol of detention or release of the citizen on all four sides. In this case it was different: even after three hours, police released the women to the toilet, or store water only under escort.

In the end, the 57-year-old Galina Shergin, found guilty of organizing an unsanctioned picket and fined 20 thousand rubles. 70-year-old Yekaterina Gavrilina, accused of the same offense, after three days of trial in court admitted to the hospital.

After these cases it is not worth to speak about human rights in our country. Millions of complaints coming from the population in different authorities. In your state people can’t find truth, justice, to prove that they too are equal members of society and not second-class citizens. In each district the role of master of your official, this gentleman isn’t afraid of anyone, doing what he wants. Population control over the power destroyed, and the top is only one President. With the last hope of the people writing to him, often signed by the entire staff.

But these complaints from across the country, often drenched in tears, fall into the Kremlin’s sorting station. Experts immediately send them to local officials for decision-making, in which people complain. And then silence, start all over again. A vicious circle. So much for our democracy.

To fix these taiga orders, much can be done, but it will be another state. Now even in the Public chamber there are no representatives of workers, some figureheads still the same elite. Executive power only divides, distributes, sells, is a real merchant community. Instead of the soul of these people wallets, but with the substitutes of the soul it is impossible to protect the common man. For officials it is unprofitable, a waste of time. Career will not build. So, lives and dies in our country. Can’t revive her even former kings, which begin to put monuments.

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