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Inflation in “isolated” Russia has broken all records

Инфляция в "изолированной" России побила все рекорды

Western countries dreaming of a so-called isolation of Russia, do not give up attempts to exert pressure on our country with a variety of restrictive measures. The idea was that sanctions would lead to the destruction of the Russian economy with all its consequences. In fact, unfortunately for the initiators of sanctions confrontation, the situation was fundamentally different.

Today Rosstat has published the final data on inflation for 2017. The unemployment rate increased only 2.5%, which is, at the moment, record low inflation rate for the entire modern Russian history. The previous record was set a year earlier, when the growth of prices slowed down to 5.4%.

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As for December, when on the eve of new year holidays it seems, everything has to go up in Adygea, for example, the average cost of consumer goods and services, by contrast, declined by about 0.2%. In Moscow and Petersburg there was a slight jump in prices (0.4% and 0.3%, respectively), and the most significant price increase was recorded in three Russian regions of Northern Ossetia, Kalmykia and Stavropol. We are talking about the growth of not more than 1%.

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According to Vladimir Putin, the record low inflation is an obvious sign of improvement and growth of the domestic economy. To put it mildly, not quite what we expected Western opponents of dialogue with Russia.

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