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In the United States announced the creation of weapons, “directed energy”

В США заявили о создании оружия "направленной энергии"

Progress in the application of technology of “directed energy” in the defense sector reached a turning point. On this portal, Space News said the new head of the Center for advanced technologies Lockheed Martin Nelson Pedreira.

According to him, the company has created a prototype laser weapon that can be used to protect military bases from drones. Pedreira also pointed out that in the past year, Lockheed Martin has demonstrated a 30-kilowatt system ATHENA on the U.S. army base in new Mexico.

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“The system has hit air targets in flight, causing structural damage and causing loss of control. Lasers are also being developed for the Agency’s ballistic missile defence as missile weapons to shoot down ballistic missiles on the rise,” added the engineer.

Previously, the Pentagon signed with Lockheed Martin a contract to build a prototype of a hypersonic cruise missile. According to media reports, the Ministry of defense is ready to allocate 928 million dollars to build missiles, aircraft of the U.S. air force.

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