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In the U.S. Senate, there are calls to recognise Russia as a country-sponsor of terrorism. The Tribune

Senator Republican party Cory Gardner calls the Russian Federation is a state sponsor of terrorism, and encourages others to do the same

If Gardner has presented a draft law, which the recent so-called “sonic attack” will get the status “act attack” on American citizens, – informs the edition of TheTribune.

A recent report by NBC News that the Kremlin, perhaps, is the mysterious “sound” attacks on diplomats in China and Cuba, forced Senator Cory Gardner again take up the anti-Russian slogans. Mr Gardner calls the Russian Federation state sponsor of terror and encourages others to do the same.

If Senator Gardner introduced a bill in which so-called “sound attack” will receive the status of “acts of assault” on American citizens.

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“If reports NBC News is correct, we are dealing with a direct attack on the United States of America,” the Senator said. Since NBC News is a pretty reputable and reliable source, Mr Gardner called on the Senate to adopt his legislative initiative, then the state Department will be obliged to consider the question of the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Also, the Senator called for in addition to impose on Russia a new package of sanctions, which he, along with Senator Lindsey Graham suggested last month.

In other words If Gardner had mentioned not only his own bill, but Lindsey Graham called “the bill on sanctions from hell”, which also had a hand democratic Senator Robert Menendez of new Jersey.

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September schedule of the Senate is quite dense. This month the senators will deal with foreign debts, the introduction of major sanctions and the hearing on confirmation of the nominations of the Supreme court, Brett kavanaugh.

Most likely, Gardner with his anti-Kremlin team will continue to put pressure on Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, who is currently majority leader of the Senate.

In August, Senator McConnell spoke about the new sanctions package, saying that the chances of its acceptance is rather small. However, after investigation by NBC News, the situation may change.

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