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In the state Duma said about a possible commutation of pension reform for women

В Госдуме заявили о возможном смягчении пенсионной реформы для женщин

The second reading in the State Duma a bill to raise the retirement age, amendments shall be proposed mitigating conditions of retirement of women, mostly the same text will remain unchanged, said the source “Interfax” in the Parliament.

The interviewee explained that the first reading will consider the document in its current form, but amendments to reduce the age of retirement for women at two to three years can be proposed for the second reading. According to him, “no final decision yet and much will depend on the discussion document on the expert level.”

The head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) said that it will make amendments about changing the age of retirement of women (with installation at around 60 years).

“We are not that ready, we will initiate such an amendment” — quoted by TASS nil. “I do not rule out that women may agree to reduce. A compromise is possible. But all the questions of the second reading”, — said the Deputy.

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Earlier in June, sources of the newspaper “Vedomosti” said that the office of the President for domestic policy gathers coming from the regions information about the reaction of the population on the forthcoming increase in the pension age, fearing possible protests. When one of them said that there were different ways of minimizing the negative reaction of the population, including relaxation parameters of the reform.


Among the options to mitigate the sources referred to a possible lowering of the limit strap up to which you want to raise the retirement age, or increase in the transition period. One of the sources expressed confidence that the mitigation will be obligatory. According to him, this is a “standard course”, which is to introduce to the state Duma, the most stringent option and then to soften it.

At the same time, Deputy Minister of labor and social protection Andrey Pudov said that the possible mitigation options of raising the retirement age will increase by 1 thousand annually, i.e. will not achieve the announced growth parameters of pensions.

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Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin does not take part in the discussion of pension reform. “We don’t see until the final shape that this reform, which will be held, and yet, perhaps, it is premature to refer to the President,” he said.

On the preparation of the pension reform the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev announced the decision to raise the retirement age on 14 June. The Cabinet proposes to implement the reform in stages over the next 15 years. Date release men for retirement will increase to 2028 by five years to 65 years, women — 2034-mu for eight years to 63 years.

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