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In the river continue to lay off workers schools and kindergartens

В Днепре продолжают увольнять работников школ и детских садов

Coming third wave of optimization of educational institutions, which will be 29 posts.

The genocide education, culture and sport call the parents and trade unions, the optimization program of the Department of humanitarian policy of the city Council. Thanks to this optimization in the schools fired all cloakroom attendants, librarians, computer engineers, kindergartens left the janitors and the gym teachers and music schools have no librarians, day keepers and accountants.


“April 30, he fired all the attendant, may 26 electronic engineers (who will maintain computer labs and interactive boards?), – says the head of the Samara organization of the Union of science and education Elina Kuzmenko. – Coming third wave of “optimization”, where the dismissal fall of 29 posts including head teachers, social workers, art Directors and many others.”

Active citizens for the second month demand from the city authorities to stop the genocide in optimization, but the city Council only tell you that I struggle with “dead souls” and promised to transfer many services to outsourcing.

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“While they created nothing, and people have been fired. Who will sweep the yards of schools and kindergartens? Who will lead music classes? Who will maintain your network and computers?” – asks the representative of the NGO “Batista glad mestecky SQL Dnipra” Sergei Cherniavsky.

The dismissal of school employees illegally dismissed and entitled to go to court and recover at work, I’m sure Cherniavsky. Because their posts were approved standard staffing level approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and their dismissal violates the labor laws.


“Officials do not have the right to fire people and do it by the hands of heads of agencies, forcing them to sign the orders about the layoffs. And heads the city Council’s manipulating, threatening not to renew their employment contract,” says Cherniavsky.

From this optimization primarily affected children and the wallets of parents, said the mother of a preschooler Svetlana Kolesnikova. For now officials say to managers about the introduction of paid services.

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“Do not be surprised if in September, parents will say that physical education and music will be paid,” – said Kolesnikov.

Therefore, parents and trade unions continue to write appeals to the city Council with a demand to cancel the so-called “order No. 29”, which gave the green light optimization in the field of education.

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