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In the Network, laughed at the new American laser weapon

В Сети посмеялись над новым американским лазерным оружием

MOSCOW, 23 Mar — RIA Novosti. Users of YouTube messing with the video, which shows the work of the new American laser, developed by the Pentagon.

The novelty, which is now in the early stages of development, is created in the framework of the joint programme of non-lethal weapons. According to the journalist, the publication Defense One, Patrick Tucker, who published the video, this weapon will literally create words out of thin air by altering the structure of atoms.

In the video the laser emits sounds, which Tucker describes as “tormented radio”. Users YouTube has its own version of this.

“Look at this, they did a freaking modem,” writes Gonzalo Cisternas.

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“Never liked dubstep (music genre — ed.). Skrillex (the most famous performer in this genre — ed.) it’s time to stop,” writes Ton.

“What was that? I was not able to hear because of the annoying sound in the world. More like a smaller version of the “Death Star” (orbital battle station from “Star wars” — ed.), ” writes TheOriginalMakaaka.

“I think sound can be described as “broken “Dandy” (PlayStation — ed.) and “modem with a stacked challenge,” writes Ulysses D’amboise.

“Cool, they made a dying vosmiletku the game,” he adds.

“Alarm system on my car needs to be as effective,” writes markmezo.

“Second sound — the chatter of aliens,” writes Mike King.

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“Despite all the advances in laser technology, they still can’t Izdat sound “PIU-PIU”, — complains realistindeial.

“If his mission is to annoy people so that Mama do not cry, mission accomplished,” writes HaloMan Searching For Truth.

Some users are more serious — in particular, Jack Burton asks a question about what’s the point in this technology, and Manuel Antonio Hernandez is concerned that this non-lethal technology is very easy to turn into lethal.

As the journalist notes Defense One, the Pentagon plans to use the technology in order not to let people get close to checkpoints and just to “scare them silly”.

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