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In the Moscow apartment arms dealer Viktor bout found underground poker club

В московской квартире торговца оружием Виктора Бута нашли подпольный покерный клуб

In the Moscow apartment arms dealer Viktor bout, who is serving a sentence in the United States, discovered an underground poker club. It is reported by telegram channel Mash.

Gambling establishment operated for several months in an apartment in the area of capital metro Mayakovskaya. According to Mash, the four-room apartment players were almost every night.

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During the storming of the apartment there were 12 people. When the policemen began to beat the landlord, found out that it was Victor Bout.

Viktor bout was arrested in Bangkok in 2008 in the Wake of the provocative special operations of American intelligence services, then brought to the United States with violations of the Thai and us law. Court for the southern district of new York sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment — the minimum term on charges in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder US citizens, the material support of terrorism and illegal circulation of means of antiaircraft defence.

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