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In the footsteps of the Perm tragedy

По следам пермской трагедии

After the tragedy in Perm school many wonder what is the reason? was it possible to avoid it? and what to do next? What we hear, unfortunately, comes down to trying to hit the tail. Some blame the negligence of the school staff. Others promise to tighten security measures. The third is ready to attribute everything to a mental disorder attacked teenagers. But no one talks about the root causes. But these reasons are inherent in the samples of “culture”, which, corny as it may sound, are the domestic media.

To say that the massacre of teenagers “inspired” information about the mass shooting in American school “Columbine” — very primitive. First, pay attention to the domestic TV product. What moral slop pour out daily from the TV screens in the homes of Russians. Endless bickering, fighting, threats, assault, cultivation of violence and unscrupulousness. Or is it the policy of our TV channels to incite hatred and hostility between people? Such things cannot be allowed even for private money, not that at public expense.

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And the victims of the zombies, of course, primarily children, particularly individuals with mental disorders, which is constantly shaken observed examples of “culture.” Fledgling psyche regularly observes acts of physical violence and moral humiliation, in the end, perceiving the events as the norm, sincerely believing that the power and chaos — a cult to which we should strive.

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Here is what to think about in the first place. And not about how to punish or dismiss the head teacher of the school with the guard, and to report on the measures taken. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of the problems, then there will be negative consequences. And the issue of security in schools is a separate professional question.

Alexei Filatov, Vice-President of the International Association of veterans of division of Antiterror “alpha”

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