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In the Carpathian collapsed bridge: pedestrians injured

На Прикарпатье обвалился мост: пешеходы получили ранения

In the Carpathian region in the village of Mysliv three people were injured, collapsed on the emergency bridge.

Now dozens of their fellow villagers remained without communication with the outside world, and to go to the people not in a hurry even “fast”, reports


“It was, and we are already there. Not cracked, not bent,” – said one of the victims named Nicholas.

According to him, now he remembers the incident with humor, and in that moment, when under the feet of the collapsed bridge, was not amused.


“Those boards for us. A little legs, not much head, little hands beat Patollo”, – he said.

Nicholas went over the bridge with her son and a neighbor when they returned from the store. They were lucky that he fell during a descent on the coast, and not in the river. A huge hole is still not patched, and the locals used to get around.

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“Go, just two or three, a little stay, and two or three men went”, says a local grandmother.

On the other side journalists are already waiting for the locals, claiming that the bridge for almost 40 years.


“Then the iron is rotten almost completely, then all the holes around”, – says a local resident.

When it rains or the spring thaw, people were reluctant to send their children to school.


“When cloudy weather and rain, our bench is very slippery and it is possible to fall,” said student Julia Dzundza.

In turn, a resident of Myslova Galina Dzundza, her husband walked over this bridge and also fell, fell and died. On the other side of the river – about a hundred inhabitants, but rather wants them to go.

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“Here when I fell, slipped, broke his arm. Had to walk around with a broken arm because rather than crossing the river”, – said the resident of Myslova Svetlana Dzundza.

Before people repaired the crossing on their own, because it turned out that the bridge is a draw.


“They are the bridge, made themselves citizens, residents, it is not anywhere on the balance sheet,” explained Romancewiki village head Nikolai Iwaskiw.

This time to restore the crossing for their own money, the locals refuse, although the village Council is hoping that will persuade people, because to go to work or the shop will have through the forest, and it is five kilometers on the road.

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