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In Tatarstan against the owner of the house opened a case of murder after a fight with robbers

In Tatarstan, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the inhabitant of Bugulma Eugene Dedania, who killed two burglars who attacked his home, according to the website of the Republican Department of the Agency.

Against 41-year-old Degania opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 108 of the criminal code (homicide committed when exceeding limits of necessary defense).

According to investigators, the morning of September 12 home to the suspect snuck three men, who, threatening with the subjects similar to pistols, tied Degania and his friend, who was at the hotel.

“Degunino and his friend managed to uncouple the bandage in the result between the men and a fight ensued, during which the owner of the house grabbed a knife and inflicted several blows to the two attackers, the third was able fled the scene, but after a short time was arrested,” — said in a release the UK.

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As a result, two of the attackers — 38-year-old Ivan Vetrogonov and 29-summer Vladislav Kaloyanchev — died on the spot.

The home owner is released under the obligation about an appearance. Against the attackers also filed a case of robbery (article 162 of the criminal code).

Dedenin told “Business Online“, the intruders attacked him when he was in the garage was going to work. They put to his back with a gun and forced to go into the house, where his wife and other children already left for school. In the house, according to him, the friend and his wife were sealed with adhesive tape mouth and eyes, and Dedania led to show the DVR to remove it from all records.

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“I took to show where I have a DVR. At this point I was able to free his hands. When I was doing it, I deliberately clenched his hands into fists to arms was greater. A fist fight ensued. Ran the second. It was hard for me to handle, I escaped, ran to the kitchen, took two kitchen knives. And began to defend himself. I thought I’d take the knives and they [hit] to flight, and they began to fire, misfire was,” said Dedanim.

The fight, which moved to the garage, already noticed by passersby who called the police.

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