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In suffering from the drought Crimea decided to irrigate the dying fields with treated wastewater

В страдающем от засухи Крыму решили орошать гибнущие поля очищенными сточными водами

In the Crimea, where, because of severe drought lost at least half of the harvest, as the fields have not received water from the Dnieper river (Ukraine shut the North-Crimean canal, which had a Peninsula Dnieper water), found a way to irrigate farmland.

There are studying the possibility of using purified sewage. According to acting Director of the Institute of agriculture of Crimea (FSBIS “scientific research Institute of agriculture of Crimea”) Vladimir Pastecki, we are talking about tens of hectares of fields and gardens.

“Quantity, which can last 30-40 thousand hectares of drip irrigation. And then we would have solved the problem of vegetable production and development of horticulture and viticulture. There would be water, which we don’t dear God please, and themselves can, by clearing it, give on the field… Water is suitable for irrigation. If the right to say that if it were not waste, and for drinking is suitable, because the range of 200-300 g of mineralization is the norm and drinking water,” said Pastecki in an interview, “the Crimea.Realities”.

According to Palackoho this experience long ago adopted by Italy and China. Experienced wastewater is held in Dzhankoy district of the Crimea. The money to build the station came to the Crimea from Tyumen and are already working with the recoil.

We will remind, until recently, 85% of the needs of the Crimea in fresh water was provided through the North-Crimean canal linking the main channel of the Dnipro Peninsula. However, after the Crimea became Russian again Peninsula water supply from Ukraine there stopped. The Ukrainian side blocked the North Crimean canal, and now this water is just discharged into the Black sea.

In order not to squander a valuable resource, the former head of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea, ex-Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anatoly Mogilev proposed to sell water to the inhabitants of the Peninsula. According to him, the Russian residents of the region suffer from a lack of drinking water, and Ukraine can use this through the delivery of “Ukrainian water” for the money.

“Ukraine, I think, should enter into negotiations on this issue. If we say that there are all our enemies, that we are buying Russian oil and gas? Buy. We run our gas transportation system Russian oil and gas? Run”, − explained his position the former official in a broadcast on Ukrainian television.

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According to Mogilev, instead of dumping fresh water from the Dnepr to the Black sea, it is necessary to obtain benefits from it. “I should probably go into the economic plane and sell our water. And to get the income, at that time, as now we just water discharged into the Black sea”, – quotes the words of Mogilyov the Ukrainian edition of “Glavred”.

Because of the extreme heat, lack of rainfall and water for irrigation in 2018, the Crimea lost at least half of the harvest. Most affected spring grain crops. This drought in the Peninsula was not observed the last 30 years. Six Crimean regions introduced a state of emergency.

According to the head of the government of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, damages to agriculture amounted to 400 million rubles. However, experts say that official casualty figures are far too low, or the agricultural sector of the Peninsula four “Russian of the year” noticeably lost.

However, in such circumstances, a low yield of Crimea still obliged to ship their crops to Syria, writes MK, noting that the local authorities claim that a shortage of bakery products Crimea is not threatened. Their price increase is also not waiting.

Now the problem of water shortage in Crimea to decide the drilling of new artesian wells and transfer of water from the belogorskoe reservoir to the East of the Peninsula. However, according to the doctor of agricultural Sciences, academician-Secretary of the Department of crop production, Alexander Ivashchenko, the use of water for irrigation from wells causes salinization of groundwater. This dramatically worsens the situation with the water balance and in the long term destroyed the possibility of obtaining fresh water on the Peninsula.

July 13, the Ministry temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine reported that due to drought in the Crimea considerably deteriorated condition of the vegetation. About this Jacoby show pictures taken from a satellite in Earth orbit in 2016 and in 2018. According to remote sensing within two years, the NDVI (a measure of the amount of active biomass) used for quantitative assessment of vegetation cover in some parts of Crimea fell to its lowest level of 0.3. In June 2018, compared to the same period in 2016, the decrease in the value of the overall index NDVI on the Peninsula, was 23%.

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Vitauskas В страдающем от засухи Крыму решили орошать гибнущие поля очищенными сточными водами Glory To Ukraine!Glory to Ukraine!@Vitauskas_A



Crimea without water rapidly loses its vegetation and becomes the resort in the desert

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Russian experts on the supply of “Ukrainian water” in the Crimea for the money

Commenting on the proposal of ex-Prime Minister of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev on the sale of Peninsula waters of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Council under the head of Crimea, Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of the RK, political scientist Alexander Formanchuk said that in the current political reality of Ukraine, the resumption of water supply in the North-Crimean canal to the Peninsula is unlikely.

“In the conditions already practically started the election campaign in Ukraine such a decision is unlikely,” – said the expert, noting that “the same view is dominant in the ruling class in Ukraine.”

But, according to him, the proposal of Mogilyov about the resumption of water supply in the North-Crimean channel is welcome, the more the benefit as a result of implementation of the decision will be in both countries. “You have to understand the conditions of being of Mogilyov in the Ukrainian state. While he is not indifferent to the fate of the Peninsula, this part of this statement I welcome. Although the drought led to losses not only in Crimea but in the South of Ukraine. The problem is, the issue of buying water can be discussed – subject to reasonable price”, – said Formanchuk in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.


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