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In Russia, watch sports only in the name of patriotism

В России смотрят спорт только из чувства патриотизма

The Russian people are invincible. When was the Olympics in Sochi, all competed in watching its television broadcasts. Four years have passed, and they all want to compete in rasmotrenii broadcasts of the Olympics.

This means only one thing — the population in Russia, the sport just doesn’t like. Not watching, do not go to stadiums, it is not engaged in the end. Their only motive to watch the sport — a sense of patriotism. That is, they look at sports as in war, and athletes as soldiers. It is a pity that their intellectual level does not allow them to cheer for the participants of the Tchaikovsky competition, otherwise it would have been fun. For example, in Soviet times, won the van Cliburn. This American was called Joe and the whole Hall applauded him for ten minutes while standing. Now imagine who would have created our electorate. He would be flying American out of patriotism, just so the jury would not have given him the victory.

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And, of course, I was amused by the flash mob, promoted SPORTS channel “Match-TV” called “No Russian — no games” (or something like that, too lazy to look the exact name of this vulgarity). Well, the electorate have us think so, some then told me that what without Russia biathlon (zero medals in eight races this season and one gold in Sochi). So the sports channel has to name at least one species, without which Russia will not be games. And I’ll call one of the women’s figure skating. Not all, but only the women’s singles. In all other respects quite cope without Russia. Even in hockey. And even if the KHL won’t release players. Yes, this will decrease the representativeness, will play very much the fifth trade, but believe me, they also know how to play hockey.

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If you still have the desire to develop the sport, let’s share — if patriotism, then the GTO, but professional sport is about. There is not forbidden to cheer for in biathlon Domracheva and Fourcade, and in football wish to win Argentina and Brazil. Because patriotism is not to cheer for Viktor Ahn, and past the garbage bins to throw away. Because Viktor Anu from you neither hot nor cold, but the debris from your fellow citizens suffer.

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