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In Russia on the maintenance of officials and security officials spent a third of the state budget

Funding of almost 6 million of the state apparatus, the size of which has doubled over the past 20 years, manages the budget 3,326 trillion, or the third state spent ruble.

The purpose of the state apparatus more and more at odds with the goals of the country. At that time, the ruble is in a fever, and incomes, at best, not fall, the government continues to save on the programs of support of economic growth and social welfare.

The whole economy on the population would be understandable against the background of falling state revenues. But the Finance Ministry, by contrast, reports a sharp rise in the revenues of the Federal budget.

The increase in oil prices and the artificially low exchange rate of the ruble brought to the Treasury budget for January-July 10,497 trillion rubles, which is almost 20% above last year’s level, reported the Ministry of Finance.

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Three quarters of new money – $ 1.2 trillion roubles, brought oil and gas taxes, and the balance (0.5 trillion) managed to squeeze out of the non-oil sector of the economy.

As a result, the budget for the first time in 7 years was a surplus of income over expenditure of 1.3 trillion rubles. However, all this only increased the appetite of its power and bureaucratic.

Funding for the customs, tax and regulatory authorities has increased by almost 15%, or 17 billion to 135 billion over 7 months.


Jumped the expenditure on the army and the police to 1,654 trillion roubles and of 1.01 trillion rubles correspondingly.

Now the contents of government officials and security forces costs the budget 3,326 trillion, one-third of its expenditure.

What the state saves? Business support has decreased to 40.2 billion rubles, financing of Energy was cut in half, and on the development of space programs reduced the cost from 20.2 to 13.8 billion rubles.

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The expenditures under “social policy” reduced by 8.2%, or 248 billion, mainly due to reduced provisions for pensions 280 billion rubles, or 13.2%. And given the fact that pensioners objectively becomes every year more and more.

At the same time as maintaining a high exchange rate, which in the hands of exporters, took more than 2 trillion rubles from the budget. This is 5.5 times more than last year. In dollars, euros and pounds sterling have been made not only the entire budget surplus (1.3 trillion rubles), but all funds raised by the Ministry of Finance from the placement of debt (0.7 trillion roubles). Practically the entire deficit of the Pension Fund!

In short, state officials have built a state for themselves. And it seems, well it settled.

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