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In Russia have nowhere to go

В России некуда поехать

Winter in Russia has nowhere to go. And nowhere in the summer. And in spring and autumn.

I can’t say that everywhere that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, almost everywhere is definitely something really great, but the toilet is closed. Or everything is fine, but the food is bad. Or a great place for families with children, but the neighbors are drunk and yelling in the restaurant all night chanson. Or the place is lovely, but beware of the pit. Or the view is great, but the icicle gently fall. Or slippery. Or wet. Or stuffy. Or cold.

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Usually best where there are no people. Taiga some, mountains, ocean, North, preferably the pole. And should definitely look to not only here now there were no people, but before. Otherwise, packages are everywhere, bottles, cigarette butts, ruined buildings and twisted pipe abandoned factory.

Across the country, across the vast country there are no signs that would have signaled that, they say, come here, traveler, you here with the kids. Is that yellow letter M mcdonaldscom beacon guarantees something familiar and reliable. Just think, the whole country only this one letter.

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But I would like more of these beacons. So if the Museum, then to eat somewhere near, if to eat, and to wash hands if hands washed, and spend the night. And the pavement is smooth and icicle in the head. And that light was. And beauty to bottles. And to all people.

I would like to be in Russia, where to go.

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