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In Russia because of reports of luminarrow massively evacuating TRK

В России из-за сообщений лжеминеров массово эвакуируют ТРК

On 10 and 11 September in several cities of Russia were evacuated, Mall and schools due to reports of mining. Omsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Stavropol became the victims of geterrorinfo. How did you learn the calls came not from Russia. The main blow, apparently, came on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the United States.

On Monday night in Chelyabinsk, as in other cities of the country, was carried out urgent evacuation of a major shopping Mall because of a bomb threat. After an anonymous call reported a bomb in the southern Urals evacuated seven large shopping and entertainment complex in Chelyabinsk “Diamond”, “Slides”, “Gagarin Park”, “Ring”, “Spring”, “Fiesta” and “Focus”, and maybe “Glory” in Kopeysk.

According to eyewitnesses, the staff of the SEC take people out on the street and interrupted the screenings, I asked to leave the premises of the shops.

“”Focus” is evacuated of all visitors without any warnings, just in the cinema, stopped the painting and everything! — said witness Ivan. — When people began to leave, the administrator said, if it is said to go over the street, then not just. No sirens, no alerts was.”

“In the shopping center “Almaz” is in full swing evacuation! The fire danger. But! Neither point is not observed! Say: on escape routes. And they are all closed! The escalators are working, the lifts are working! It works! In addition to fire safety!” — write in social networks eyewitnesses.

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As told one of the employees of the shopping center “Fiesta”, where friends work in the “Spring” and “Diamond” the evacuation began at about the same time. “The horror of what was going on, nothing is clear, but very similar to the attack but the explosions were not. Shop panic, no one says anything. But the place arrived firemen, SWAT (or SWAT) and emergency medical services. All scared, in shock,” — said our interlocutor.

In GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region has officially commented on the situation. “The duty of GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region reported finding suspicious items in several shopping malls of Chelyabinsk. Police officers together with the Department of Regardie Chelyabinsk region and the FSB of the Chelyabinsk region checks of messages and determine the identity of the caller,” the police said.

Unofficially, sources close to police reported that there had been a planned action. Calls with messages received on the phones of the police, and called from abroad.

The same calls that in public places the explosive device was delivered to police departments throughout Russia.

So, in Bashkortostan after an anonymous call evacuated the shopping center “Mega”, maybe “Central”, TRC “planet” Lifestyle center “Bashkortostan”, TC “Star”, TSK “Sverdlovsk” and Gostiny Dvor.

“We all evacuated from Gostiny Dvor, — told “AIF — Ufa” seller Marina Startseva. — The building was visited by the police with dogs and large bags. Did not really explained, noting only that it was not a drill. Cordoned off all entrances and exits. Said to have moved away from the building as far as possible”.

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In Omsk a kind of “flash mob” began yesterday, the evening of 10 September. After the elections, around 23.00 I received a call about mining of the building of the city administration, where located, including the city election Commission. Also evacuated visitors of the cinema center “Galaxy” and the cinema “Mayakovsky”. The next day, on Monday, unknown again reported a suspicious subject in the building of the city administration. Only in the Omsk region for the day because of lumineres were evacuated 7.5 thousand people. Omsk police discovered in the buildings, which was a bomb threat, suspicious objects, writes NGS.OMSK. A criminal case under article 207 of the criminal code (knowingly false report about an act of terrorism). The caller threatens three years of imprisonment.

Stavropol also brought a wave of telephone terrorism. From half past nine till five o’clock Monday evening to the duty of police from an unidentified person has received 42 reports of bombs in commercial office, educational and administrative buildings of the city. All received messages to the police “worked”, explosive devices were not found, reports “Portal of the North Caucasus”. On the facts of false reports of acts of terrorism a criminal case (article 207 of the criminal code).



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