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In Lithuania investigation of the participation of adolescents in suicidal game

В Литве ведётся расследование по участию подростков в суицидальной игре

Over the past two weeks in Lithuania was started five pre-trial investigations in connection with the game “Blue whale”, which can lead teenagers to suicide.

As has informed Agency BNS the representative of the police Department Ramunas Matonis, such investigations started in šiauliai, šilalė, Raseiniai, Utena and.

“The preliminary investigation initiated in connection with the incitement to suicide, but it is unlikely that they will have a sequel. Legally such activity is difficult to prove, in addition, the author claims that he did not aim to bring people to suicide,” said Matonis.

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According to him, the police has information that in Lithuania there was at least one death because of this game, but the injury self-injury are available. In Alytus the girl tried to jump off a bridge in Silale cut their hands.

Virtual game “the Blue whale” came to Lithuania from Russia. It spreads through social networks, people form a closed group page. Each reports to the curator of your personal details, talks about his fears and phobias, and after some time every player receives instructions and job-threatening his life. Obtained personal information is used as a means of coercion to suicide. To argue that Russia has already killed 15 teenagers participating in the game, “Blue whale”.

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