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In Kazan deny filling the stadiums at the confederations Cup at the expense of state employees

The newspaper “Business Online” announced that the Ministry of sports sent out to cities of the confederations Cup a document according to which local budget organizations must ensure that the distribution of free match tickets, to fill all the stands. According to the publication, in Kazan have already started the implementation of this instruction.

However, the Ambassador of the Confederations Cup in Kazan, Elmira Kalimullina told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the organizer has not received such instructions. “As far as I know, tomorrow’s match is not all ticket, there were a lot of guests, tickets are not available. Kazan is boiling, all in anticipation of match, call me and say “maybe you have a free ticket?””,— she said. Vice-mayor of Kazan Eugene Lodvigova noted that there is no “no neither paid nor free” tickets. “What state, what nonsense,” she said.

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Remember, today is the start of the FIFA confederations Cup. At 18:00 in the sports arena to start the match between the national teams of Russia and New Zealand. The Russian team won the right to participate automatically as host of the event team New Zealand as winner of the Nations Cup Conference football Oceania-2016.

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