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In Europe Tesla Model S for the first time surpassed sales of the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class

В Европе Tesla Model S впервые опередил по продажам BMW 7-Series и Mercedes S-Class

The Agency Automotive News summed up the results of sales in the expensive segments and has published interesting findings: Tesla Model S electric car in Europe for the first time surpassed Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series on the number of cars sold. So much for “yet another toy”. By the way, the German business model has long been replaced by the California saloon in the United States. In Europe the Model S only in 2017 left behind “Esku” and “Seven”.

Let’s talk numbers. Last year in Europe, sales of the Tesla Model S has increased by 30%. Only the EU has sold 16 132 instance of the electric vehicle. For comparison, Mercedes sold 13 359 instances W222 (including restyled), which is 3% higher than in 2016. the Family of BMW 7-Series for the year sold in Europe edition 11 735 of instances is 13% lower than a year earlier.

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It is comparable with overseas statistics. Over the past year in the US Tesla Model S bought 28.8 thousand customers. For comparison, that’s more than the Cadillac XTS (16 275 auto) and the Mercedes S-Class (15 888 auto).

It makes sense to mention the second model of the Tesla Model X. the Crossover in Europe have bought 12 thousand people. About the same number sold a Porsche Cayenne. A Bavarian BMW X6 sold worse — 10 thousand cars per year (in the EU).

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