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In Damascus died of Anise Machluf is the mother of Bashar al-Assad

В Дамаске умерла Аниса Махлюф - мать Башара Асада

In public, as required by the education and provision of Anise Machlup did not appear. News in archive, where it was called not differently, as “mother of the nation”, is no longer updated almost in 80-ies of the last century. Influential, but invisible woman from a wealthy Alawite families — that’s almost all we know about it.

In 2000, after the death of her husband, the former President Hafez al-Assad, Anisa remained beside his son and new head of state — Bashar. She was a very powerful relationship with Assad’s Alawite elite. In turn, the wife of Bashar al — ASMA – liaised head of state with the elite of the Sunnis. Due to such a proper balance in the country was a clear Sunni-Shiite confrontation, which led to a bloody war in Yemen.

Already in 1950 the weaker sex in Syria were allowed to vote and be elected for leadership positions. In the Republic since formed a real female elite. First, in civil society, and then in the army. Anise Majluf brilliantly coped with the entrusted responsibility — resolve conflicts and protect the family. But when in 2013 the outbreak of civil war in Syria, she went to her daughter Bushra in the United Arab Emirates, detractors were quick to post the news that she fled from Assad, but the President has lost its main support. But it was not so. It’s hard to imagine that a mother could leave your son and run. Assad changed, he became a strong President, and it happened during the war. And Anise of Machlup continued to play the role of a mediator, relieves a tension between son and President of the Arab monarchies.

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But this time, Anise is really gone. The country was plunged into mourning. And now analysts are lost in thinking about how this will affect the policy of Bashar al-Assad. Most of them are inclined to the opinion that this is unlikely to really change the situation, although the death of his mother – a very strong kick.

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The Syrian army recently successfully frees the land from the militants. As before, next to the current President, his wife and a loyal friend, a warrior woman, as it is called, the first lady, ASMA Assad. She is a symbol of the fact that the weaker sex in Syria is not weaker than strong and that the meek appearance, one should not mislead. It is the Acme opened with the tribune supports her husband, she sends their children to school even under attacks to keep them up cowards. In response to the attacks of the Western press she wrote an open and sincere letter, explaining that her husband is the President of all the Syrian people, and not some part of it. And promised to support him until the very end.

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