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In a military unit in Smolensk region was found dead Lieutenant

5 Oct in a military unit in the village of Shatalovo in Smolensk oblast found the body of a Lieutenant with a gunshot wound, said Readovka.ru a source familiar with the situation. This information was confirmed by the military commander.

According to the source, most likely, we are talking about [Roskomnadzor]. The death of Lieutenant investigating military investigators.

A public “Ombudsman police” without specifying the source reports that the Lieutenant found a suicide note. According to the public, he was an assistant on duty in the regiment.

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“The reasons [Roskomnadzor] soldier calls a violation of the rights to rest, that the service goes according to schedule, and lack of the apartment, which he did not provide. In General, it is unflattering comments about military service in Russia”, — writes “police Ombudsman”.

As noted in the message, according to another version, the Lieutenant made [Roskomnadzor] because of girls. “Police Ombudsman” has published their correspondence.

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Updated at 20:45 In the press service of the Western military district, TASS confirmed the inspection about the death of a soldier. According to preliminary reports, 25-year-old Lieutenant, served three months, really made [Roskomnadzor].

“One of the versions of the incident — a quarrel with a lover, but note if it is not found,” says TASS source close to the investigation.

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