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I watched in the USSR on TV 40 years ago

Today people are spoiled. The Internet, television regular, television pay-per-view hundreds of channels. There is a kind of informational gluttony. And those who did not catch the tube Brezhnev of the USSR 70-ies, it is very difficult to imagine how it was there? Of course, today, it is impossible authentic full immersion in the information routine. However, with one eye still to look can.

Fortunately, there are old Newspapers, which give the fragrance of history. And the Newspapers of the time printed TV program guide. The benefit programs it was-one, two and miscalculated. While in Moscow a little more than three and four. So I suggest to check out a TV program on October 5, 1978 – I have warned you that exactly forty years ago in wish the main Soviet newspaper, organ of the Central Committee of the Communist party – “Truth”.

So that was the first page of this paper is in 278 (21978) of October 5, 1978, Thursday.

Headlines – yum. Before bed he looked – and immediately sleep. And in the lower right corner of the familiar names. Here’s a biggie:

Assad, Syria, Syrian people are friendly… Yeah. Forty years have passed, and if the time has stopped. However, I’m not talking about Assad and the friendly Syrian people, and about the TV programme. Here it is, all right.

Here is the program of channel 1.

That’s where most interesting?

Concert song and dance ensemble “Kolosok” farm-College “Orenburg”. It’s just a dream, not a transfer. What else?

Start Artistic movie. 2 – l series. I’m sure few people remember this wonderful film. I set out briefly its plot (thanks to portal a Movie Theater that has kept this description):

“On the anniversary of the factory is preparing the launch of a new automatic line. Still a lot of deficiencies, although the work goes on around the clock. Team Senchakova repairing responsible node line in the center of attention. But Senchakov, who in his experienced life never filled up the installation now refuses contrived haste and blames all the user clear trash…”

Well, I wanted to see? Look – wanted. But, alas, that train has sailed. It was necessary forty years ago to watch.

And how do you a Program of documentaries by the Constitution Day of the USSR? It would have looked and looked.

But only away from the ecstasy of films to the Constitution Day of the USSR, as you just can’t break away from the screen of the TV essay “Production Association Electroizolit”. Elektroizolit! Envy that we saw in those warm tube time.

And how good was “the Lenin Institute for millions.” “School of party cadres”. The transfer itself is just the coolest, but exactly 40 years ago the Soviet viewer just made the most yummy – Recording the speech of a member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU M. A. Suslov at the solemn meeting dedicated to the beginning of the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee. Re-read several times with awe!

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Poison! Imagine yourself as that’s its snout half hour, chomps off the screen at the beginning of the work of the Academy of social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee.

Imagine and weep tears of happiness that you are spared from regular viewing this.

But as well after the speech of Mikhail Andreevich Suslov visited the concert film “Moldavian sketches”. The important thing to the liver was chilled. And after this wonderful concert – Bang! Solution July (1978) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU in life! Today’s young won’t even know the meaning of this gibberish. And especially do not understand how it was interesting to see that on TV almost every day.

So then, it was possible to see the voyage of the icebreaker “Sibir” and then watch the 3rd episode of “start-up” (see description above).

Then the program “Time”. Here at 21-30, incidentally, is really quite interesting (by Soviet standards) TV show “Documentary screen”, which was led by Robert Rozhdestvensky. One of the few Soviet broadcasts about real life, not on the Decisions of the July (1978) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU – in life.

And the curtain concert of Bach. No, comrade Bach is definitely a great composer. And every educated person should be familiar with his work. If, however, for decades almost every day you will be forced to entertain such music, in the end, you will no longer be considered good. On the contrary, you this music will begin sleepy. However, so it is bedtime and put.

Well, the second program? And here it is.

Then you and the report from the meeting of the leaders and innovators of the city of Moscow (results of socialist competition, of course), and vocal exercises mysterious Rosita Fores (Cuba), and a concert of masters of arts of Armenia. And of course “good night, kids”. And a couple of informative films. Description of the teleplay “Garanin Again!” I, alas, nowhere to be found. I guess that says a lot. By the way, did you notice that the second program started only in 19 hours?

Flip the switch and get to the third program.

The third program was in Moscow. More like nowhere (if where went, respond, buglers). It was a so-called educational TV program. Therefore, began so early. The main telecast of the training. But there were also feature films. Here is how 5 Oct forty years ago showed x/f “the Prize” (with subtitles). A short story in the Studio!

“The story takes place over one and a half to two hours in one room, where no ordinary meeting of the party Committee building trust. Agenda – discussion of the failure of the brigade Potapova prize…”

Check out? Generally, between us speaking, today, when readily accessible everything that you want in the field of domestic and foreign cinema, past and present, the film “the Prize” looks pretty good if served at the “art house”. But when the movies was difficult, when the alternative to the movie “the Prize” was only the 3rd episode of “start-up” (see above) and the performance of comrade M. A. Suslov, watch the movie “the Prize” as something not very much like it was Boring to watch fatal colic. Because everything is relative. And in the context of modernity, is not afraid of the word.

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By the way, have you noticed that the third programme had finished work around 18 hours?

Okay, click next. Fourth program.

Here is a net ball. Although short. For hockey fans – hockey. For lovers of the Volga river – telefilm relevant content. Well, in 21 hours 30 minutes consistently are always in this time – feature film. In this case (i.e. 5 October 1978) is a film in 1959, production of the Studio Tallinnfilm “Mischievous turns”. Read the summary:

“This story began from the day when the girl Vayk (Terje Luik) was saved from certain death mutt Antonio, snatched literally from under the wheels of a motorcycle rider Raivo (Rhine Arenas), considering all the girls frivolous and not worthy of his attention. To prove to everyone that he is right, Raivo suggested bet: during the week he will win the girl’s heart. Unsuspecting Vayk willingly accepted the invitation since the to meet him…”

And here a shot from this film:

Well, just Marlon Brando in the wild one (1953). Well, okay, I was just saying.

Such was the program of the Soviet television exactly forty years ago. And in many cities was only the first and second programs.

And so, day after day, year after year, five-year plan for five years. Of course, on Sunday the programme been a little more interesting. Added, for example, the program “Alarm clock” and “Morning mail”, and a couple of movies were a bit better. Although not always the same. And what sort of “melodies and rhythms of foreign stage” – is basically a collection of suckage, but a couple of normal songs at the end – was rarely on major holidays. And lived. As scientists say – complete sensory deprivation.

Yes, the curtain I want to say. If here will be some commentator who in 1986 went to the first class and say something like this: “it’s all true, I remember a much more interesting program listings”, then the commentator will go running to the Laptev sea – ice floes from the shore the sixth to drive away.

Well that’s it for me for today.

Damn, I almost forgot. And about the weather.

As you can see, that the weather during these forty years has not changed.

That’s all for today.

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