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The carrier, which no one carries


  The carrier (lat. Actitis hypoleucos), which belong to the order Charadriiformes and the family Beketovyh – perhaps one of the most common waders. That contributes to its spread from the Western borders of the Eurasian continent to the East coast, including Kamchatka, Kuril Islands, etc. These small middle of …

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The earth is not eternal grace…


“Remember forefathers — reserved do not touch” — the title of the last article, one of the founders of many Russian reserves, the author of a huge number of publications devoted to the problems of the reserves, doctor of biological Sciences Felix Shtilmark. These words are a call to all …

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Fuss around sable


Since time immemorial, the sable was the main object of the fur trade of Russia and has played a leading role in the formation of the Russian state, and also determined the fate of Siberia and the Far East in the development of state territories. In addition, sable has its …

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October, grouse berry bushes


  Please sun, come the first days of October. But in September the weather is not spoiled, it was windy and it rained through the day. I popped early this morning in search of grouse feeding on the familiar places. At the first red bilberry picked up a couple of …

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Passion for wood pigeon


Hunting for the wood pigeon as an alternative to the goose, of course, uneven: after all, the goose trophy tempting. However, the methods, equipment, camouflage, shooting and agility these hunts are similar. Yes, and are both on the same fields. In autumn when geese are in transit in the sky …

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Meeting on the farm


For the majority of Russian hunters, the concept of “farm” is inextricably linked with farming, and few people know about the existence of many farms of wild animals — such popular all over the world. But in recent years this topic has become relevant for Russia, increased interest in the …

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The authorities and the oligarchs again humiliated hunters


Hunters from all regions, as a holiday, looking forward to the opening of the summer-autumn hunting. Due to current family circumstances, I have this year for the opening of hunting on your favorite lake Verestovo never got out. Meeting with some hunters and reading the first reviews of the opening …

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Wild boar and ASF problem


The boar is a carrier of dangerous infectious diseases of pigs. In this regard, the necessary monitoring of its populations located in areas with developed pig production industries. It is known that these areas, including a large part of Eastern Europe and Western Siberia, occupied by so-called “indeterminate” form of …

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How are we going to get fur?


What gear in the season 2016-2017 Russia will be mined furs — this issue is of concern to law-abiding hunters. This summer (June 22) terminates all the grace given to us “Agreement on international standards for the humane trapping of wild animals…”, signed in 1998 and ratified by the state …

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Hard life of hunters ‘ Union


Our interlocutor — Znamenskaya Inga Igorevna. Wildlife biologist. The Chairman of the Board of the Sverdlovsk regional Union of Hunters Association of the RALOs. My question about population dynamics of wild animals in the land of the Inga Igorevna answered directly: “OKS, dear! What dynamics?! By what technique to count? …

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