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  Dersu Uzala has already become a legend. The films, he appears in verse and prose by many different authors. His name take myself as “nicknames” members of hunting forums, and in our lexicon he entered thoroughly: “I, Too, Dersu Uzala”, “what are You, Dersu Uzala?” Meanwhile, there is a …

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For healthy roots


Shortly before the arrival of cold weather with the freezing of the soil and the first newly-fallen snow with her snow apparel I go to the familiar lowland forest for medicinal roots of galangal, or, as it is they call people, usica. It is at this time gaining underground parts …

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Wild about ducks and not very


“Although for the true hunter of the wild duck is nothing especially captivating, but, for lack of yet another game (it was in early September: woodcocks have not yet arrived, and run through the fields for partridges I’m tired), I took my hunter and went…” So begins the story of …

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Corroded by rust “loaf”, jumping from side to side, stubbornly crept forward on the bumpy forest road. Breaking filled the valley, blowing steam like an old locomotive, our SUV jumped on the field and confidently raced on. Left and right stretched overgrown by young birches field — grouse Kingdom! As …

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The crow is not as simple as it seems


In our country are inhabited by two species of crows. Grey crow all well know. The main background its color is dirty gray, and only the head, wings and tail are black. In Eastern Siberia, the river Lena, Kamchatka and Sakhalin, it replaces Raven black color, in which all the …

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An open letter to the President of the RKF A. I. Inshakova


Very timely (“HORN” № 38, 2016) You raised the issue of polar bear conservation in the Arctic, which “… is no less important than the problem of preservation of the Amur tiger”. I completely agree that in Russia the forest-eared dog helped get the game and always defended hunter. But …

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The solidarity of hunters and fishermen


Hunting and fishing competitions, competitions of hunting dogs not as widespread as other sports. Even less mass hunting and fishing. Therefore, for uniting hunters and fishermen in addressing common challenges, which are often written on the pages of hunting and fishing publications appropriate to the conduct of positive events, such …

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Evoke the joy and sadness


In the seemingly off-season for mushroom dry year did not come back if I’m out of the woods, the fields, the soul and the body nice booty. Soul singing in the search for and contemplation of the unknown, the body charged energy of asceticism… And mushrooms have always been born …

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Whom the law does not apply!?


For the first time in the pages of “HORN” question about forest lease for hunting purposes, was raised three years ago. I suggest to remember how it was. In room # 32 in 2014 published an open letter to the Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian …

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Rocky peaks of the mountains of southern Yakutia is usually treeless: the roots of the trees are difficult to grow in the rocks, hampered by the lack of moisture. Here the Kingdom of pine stlanta, mosses and lichens; the latter are willing to “paste” chunks of rock glaciers, called here …

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