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Hunger is not an aunt


Extraordinary ingenuity to show our smaller brethren when searching for food in a hungry winter season. Some of them “cling” a by-product of urbanization — the landfills. Thousands of crows, rooks and jackdaws dominate there in the daytime, and flushed with heaps of waste edible birds hunter hawk-Sparrowhawk sometimes overshadow …

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When the snow has melted


No, not spring time is involved. Just becomes commonplace when the New year is around the corner, and dropped in enough snow melts suddenly in one night! What hunting can be when under my feet the dirt and the sky has sprung a leak! — I will say random people. …

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Master hunt, the hunter – bondage


Before that in a similar situation was Davydenko Alexander and Andrey Grigoriev – Russian Hunting Newspaper there were several publications, these stories were covered on Central television in the program “Man and law”. This time the events took place far from the city center – in the Kurgan region. Own …

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Astrakhan weekdays


About the Astrakhan hunters Association, and other public associations of hunters, “HORN” is trying to inform our readers regularly. Proved its special role in the preservation and development of traditions of Russian hunting public hunting organizations, despite everything, continue to exist. They survived in the period of “wild” market relations …

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In the night from 15 to 16 November, finally the snow fell — good soft porosa on dry land and dry, sometimes very high (the weeds) grass. On the black path to find the hare failed, but grandnephew rusack and blacka slotopol has zapreval. Powder the first day, Monday, to …

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Common pot


The smell of burning alarmed the subconscious Ivan Kolesov and took shape in the thought: “I could Not so quickly come to the hut”. Ivan turned off the profile and went towards the smell. Taiga in this quarter there was a thick, windproof winds, and shreds of smoke, entangled in …

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Laryngeal scope


The sun’s rays, reflected from dangling in the air of grains of sand dispersed throughout the space. On either side of the valley stood a bizarre rock giants. Between them snaked a barely noticeable track. Where were they? To the far Bedouin nomads? To eternity? There are more questions than …

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From life in the forests of the Far East


The whole night was raging snowstorm — Blizzard is here; she’s not calmed down and in the morning, and on the contrary, with the dawn of even more played out. In the woods in this Blizzard is nothing, Polgara. The dense thicket of tree trunks, heavy thicket thicket artisanal protect …

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Record wintering


Whatever harbored another new year, one thing is sure: on the third Sunday of January in Moscow hosts a citywide waterfowl. This year it was held for the 32nd time, wanting to participate in it did not stop either snow squalls on Saturday or promised by weather forecasters, unstable weather …

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Bongiorno, sir! You in Italy!


Still light and seen, as wave after wave of ducks to fly. In pairs, units and squadrons. Autumn, in October, it doesn’t matter, drakes or females, all fly Pell-mell. The first portion of the six vypilivaya from the trunk of my neighbor, and duck, secularises, noisy plops down into the …

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