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Mind devoid of…


Dogs looking under the gun, a lot. In each locality has its own breed. Someone who likes hunting with Norn, someone respects gonchakov, others will not exchange Spaniel anyone. Legaladvice — generally a separate folk. In the villages, especially in the hinterland, almost no cops hunt with dogs. A local …

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Brutal war


As philosophically said one gentleman, the war is a large — scale manhunt. However, during the great Patriotic war and the present, normal, so to speak, hunting fishing in the midst of fighting, was the place. Sometimes the circumstances and results of this hunting life depended people. The most tragic, …

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The mass given on the evening draught in 2015.


  Seventeenth national metering rod was held may 30, 2015 It was organized by fsbi “centrokhotcontrol”, research group “Woodcock”, “Association ” Rosohotrybolovsojuz” and the editorial staff of “Russian hunting newspaper” (HORN). Named for brevity “all-Russian”, this count is carried out mainly in the European part of Russia. The results of …

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Chronicle of the Russian hunting books


141. Sabaneev L. P. Hunting calendar. Reference book for rifle hunters and hounds. Second edition, altered and considerably augmented. With 480 Fig. in the text. M., 1892, XII+LXXVIII+470+117+114+IV+38 p., 5 RUB., 8°, 2400 copies. L. P. Sabaneev was not one of those people who rests on its laurels, so a …

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Tarusa sketches


“Beautiful, wonderful landscape, Where autumn made a fire,- About this painter will tell us And we will support this conversation.” I. Esaulkov And to become the owner of these lands, he offered farmers a deal in which the exchange of lands was made under the scheme: two acres of meadow …

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Essays on gun hunting and hunting in near Vyatka


This fast, which baffle their flight the inexperienced and hot shooters the bird is very difficult to describe. Of course, the first thing that catches the eye, is disproportionately low the nose is longer than a couple of inches, the tip of which a little replusor and the two halves …

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The thrill of the hunt


As you know, our country is huge. Accordingly, the landscapes in different regions: steppe, forest-steppe, taiga, mountains. It is clear that climatic conditions are different everywhere. Therefore, the Russian hunters can hunt the different animals and choose to hunt on your own. Also, our hunter has a lucky chance to …

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For lines


Mushroom season every lover of this type of hunting starts at a different time. My season begins in late April — early may, when pricemuch warm spring sun clearings begin to appear curly fragrant mushrooms — lines, morels. Morels in our area in recent years began to meet less and …

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The forgotten hunt


Blame the geese. Because of them, darling, I threw the spring snipe with ducks together. Too short spring season. Not take it under a couple of evening hunting for traction. Maybe the provincialism of the present life affected. Unpopular among the “farmers” traction. That morning I arrived at the appointed …

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Tears spring forest


Every spring, many hunters for a few days go to the forest to devote myself to my hobby. But, once in the spring forest, even experienced hunters can not ignore the white-trunked tree — the birch. Once even in a small birch grove, the person involuntarily stops and thinks about …

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