Friday , November 17 2017
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Moscow mallards reveal the secret


If you ask the Moscow mallards as they assessed the results of last summer, they would have answered, positively. The number of broods of these ducks in urban rivers and ponds increased by 6% compared to the summer of 2015 and has exceeded 900. 2016 — first year, when the …

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A plague on the moose’s head


Sad, but is almost a fait accompli. Over the past year, the hunting economy of the country has suffered a huge loss. We lost the whole view of hunting — wild boar. The consequences of this will manifest in the near future, but there is still more terrible threat. Replaced …

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Good to know


To the editor of “Russian hunting newspaper” received a letter from Komissarov Alexey Arkadyevich, living in the village of Mikhailovskoye vorotynsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region. The author raised several concerns. At the request of the editorial staff answers our expert Pavel Vasiliev, as the questions and answers may be …

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Prince mountain


The year was tense. In engineering plants, there was a broad introduction and development of new technology — industry rearming. The latest equipment is created by our factory and delivered to clients, required avtorskogo oversight of its implementation. And I was once again in charge of the team of experts …

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Ginger — the Royal mushroom


The year was mushroom. Everywhere fans quiet hunting went from the woods with full baskets of mushrooms: boletus, boletus, white… But especially pleased with season mushroom with mushrooms. Ginger real, or delicious, is considered a first-class mushroom in the first category. It is nicknamed the “Royal mushroom”. In Russia gourmets …

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Publicly to let everyone know…


I read with interest the article of E. K. Selihova “no One will hear, no one will know…”, published in “HORN” № 42 from October 19-25 this year. I read and was surprised… The article fsbi “centrokhotcontrol” (for the uninitiated, we inform you that this is what little is left …

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In order to avoid misunderstandings


I read in “HORN” (No. 46) article authors N. Morgunova, A. Cicco and A. Vaisman “loudly to let everyone know”. Also article E. Alihonou “no One will hear, no one knows.” And I have a bad feeling after reading these articles. Andtheir style of some maliciously marketplace. In scientific controversies, …

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Seventeen steps


Going to work in Western Siberia, I decided to try there to hunt bear. Charges were short-lived. What I took with me? The tubes (their number was many times verified), carbine caliber .30-06, Packed in a shockproof case with combination lock, documents on weapons and hunting license, passport… Taxi at …

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The attribute of autumn


The autumn has come. Slowly she crept at night, breathing the chill, stealing Aug the warmth of summer, gradually repainted foliage in red and yellow. And here came. Increasingly began to drizzle rain, maples and birch trees shone with bright colors may not colors. Most people with the word “autumn” …

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Horse scuffing sparkling with frost the withered sedge, carefully avoiding clumps of prickly Thistle. Spinning ears, he listened to the crackle of reeds in the gully, snorting, inhaled the frosty air with the bitterness of wilted herbs, isolating him from scent hounds, and a faint, — Fox. Nikolayevich did not …

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