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How to unfreeze antifreeze

Как разморозить незамерзайку

The correct but long way to go to the underground Parking lot under the trade center, more or less in a warm garage, where the temperature is above freezing for a few hours to leave the car there (at least 15-20 minutes). But not always, shopping center Parking, what is called a hand.

Dancing with a tank

In a pinch, you can go to a car wash nearby to wash the car and at the same time to warm the washer fluid reservoir. Then you have to pour the bulk of what was in the tank, and pour back concentrate, which is frozen at minus 70. After that, you need to mix the contents of any wire and run the resulting mixture through the tubes, to the exit to the street in a liquid which does not freeze.

If no shopping Mall, no warm garage near there, there are several ways to warm the contents of the washer reservoir.

It is best to remove the tank and bring it home. It’s a win-win and most reliable option. On old foreign cars and domestic cars can be done quite easily and quickly (at least quicker than to act in any other way). If this is not possible or tank of such a complex shape that pull it does not work, will have to warm its contents on the spot.

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If the tank is still there, and it is filled not by the neck, it is best to buy good antifreeze and a house to heat it in a bucket with hot water to become warm (bring to a boil not necessary). Then pour this warm antifreeze in the washer tank and wait, stirring occasionally. If you are not very strong frosts (up to -10) this method should work. At lower temperatures it will all depend on how much was ice in the tank and how warm nezamerzayki pour.

If nezamerzayki and store where she could buy there, you can pour into the tank of boiling water. But very carefully and in small portions to the tank is not cracked from the temperature difference. In the domestic “a Priori” and “Kalina” tanks are particularly fragile. However, this method will help not always. The fact that little to warm the liquid in the tank, still need to melt the ice in the inlet tubes. Usually it can be done, but not always. If possible, don’t forget to expel all liquid from the system and fill with a good antifreeze. If failed, your tank will be even a liter of water, which is exactly a few hours will turn into ice and will only aggravate the situation.

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Ineffective ways

Pour vodka. Vodka (alcohol) helps to lower the freezing temperature of water and melt the ice already formed. However, as I said, to break the ice in the reservoir is half the battle, we still have to defrost the tubes and injectors. And that vodka and alcohol will have hardly the strength. Method will only work with a small cold or if vodka to warm up. In other cases, it’s just a theory.

Building dryer. Sooner or later the hot air, of course, will melt ice in the tank. But you will need something else to do with feeding tubes and nozzles which must be too cold. Besides, where will you get the socket and a heat gun? Easier to call in a warm place.

Concentrate nezamerzayki. In supermarkets and gas stations often sell gallon bags and bottles of concentrate antifreeze that can withstand temperatures of up to minus 70 degrees Celsius. But if you pour this concentrate into the tank with the already crystallizing a liquid, it will not help, because the concentrate has the same effect as alcohol, and to “break” the ice plug in the injectors and inlet tubes, it is not enough.

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