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How to take beautiful photos during the journey?

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

To bring a bunch of travel photos is all we can, but unfortunately, not all of this set pleasing to the eye and are original. And not in vain to store hundreds of unwanted and like each other images, we propose to learn how to do during your holiday beautiful and original photo.

For the General recommendations.

Choose the right camera for travel

Better if it is easy. Yes, impressive “SLR” make great pictures, but they weigh a lot, and polutorametrovy to carry the camera all day is not so easy. And as practice shows, heavy the camera is increasingly left to lie in their cases, and the travelers take off on smartphones. So it is better to buy a lightweight camera, it is in any case will broaden your horizons as a photographer.

Take a photo-the story

Do not press the shutter button lightly. Suppose you are creating a photo story about their journey. Think about what is in your trip: the airport or station, the passenger cabin or compartment of a train, a car, and then check in, food, rides and new friends. And remember the important points and not the details of the situation and capture interesting scenes and another view of the famous Cathedral and so you can always find on the Internet.

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

Not the quantity but the quality

Do not be like the Chinese tourists, who clicked the camera at a speed of 100 images per minute. Why do you need hundreds of the same photos with similar angles? Take an unusual, bright – people, situations, scenes, and unusual views of familiar buildings and landmarks. Take what you have attracted and surprised.

Prepare in advance

Before you go, read about the destination – what is there interesting places and sites where you can photograph and where not, where the observation platform and other aspects. You don’t have to thoroughly think through their photos routes, but at least be nice to know whether a particular place of your visit.

Remove the atmosphere

Imagine you go to a famous Museum, where hangs a famous painting. Of course, beside it will be a crowd of tourists and if you will act as a regular traveler, then try to take a picture of the famous painting of the head of other people. But isn’t it better to move away and to photograph the colorful crowd or turn to the picture back and to make selfi on the background. You will never photograph the works of art as well as it did the venerable photographers for catalogs and postcards, but the atmosphere of the Museum or other tourist attractions you will be able to catch and shoot on my camera.

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Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

Journal photo

It is useful to record the places you visited. Now do you remember where and when the captured image, and after a few months the memories will be erased or mixed together. The more you do it, if you travel frequently. Remember, earlier in usual photo albums has always been a place for the signature to a photo?

Delay sometimes the camera in the direction

Temptation to photograph always and everywhere a lot, but sometimes it is helpful to stop, put the camera down and just look around, “take a picture” eyes. This will allow you to look at the surroundings in new ways, not just through the camera lens. Photographers-pros often talk about professional burnout, when you do not want anything to photograph and absolutely no ideas. So from time to time is to take breaks, no matter how much you loved you photo.

Tomorrow is another day

The key to good images – your up early. Yes, in the vacation want to sleep, but it was at the beginning of the day there are so many interesting things, and the streets of even large cities still free from the tourist crowds. Watch as the city wakes up is a special treat: all clean and fresh, no fuss and crowds. And you have the ability to slowly take pictures of everything that you want.

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

Deal with the photos.

Many save the selection, sorting, and processing photos for later. But it’s the wrong decision. As practice shows, in this case, the pictures will remain to gather dust on the computer, but you tried so hard to take beautiful and vivid pictures. Therefore, identify a time when you will be able to handle the processing of archive, delete the excess, select the best, process if necessary and present your photos-impressions from the trip. You can upload files to social networks, print your best shots for your photo album or convene friends to a party and arrange a joint viewing.

How to make photos better?

Tips when taking a photo

Here are some tips on how to photograph properly:

1. Do not cut extra – important parts of buildings, parts of the body of the people in the pictures. All of these legs at the knee or cropped roof is very hurt the eyes and make the photo incomplete. Leave more space around the main subject.

2. Do not overwhelm the skyline. Follow the parallel lines of the horizon, he should not deviate even a few degrees – don’t force viewers to tilt your head while viewing your photos.

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

3. Remember the rule of thirds. The horizon line should not pass the midline of the image, it is better if it will run at the top or bottom third of the photo. But if you are photographing a seascape, for example, you have to choose what will occupy most of the frame.

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4. Avoid “shake” – so photographers call a blurred photo due to the tremors. During shooting it is better to hold the camera with two hands, elbows firmly pressed to the body, you can rely on the fence or parapet. Better yet, use a tripod or monopod.

5. If you want to be photographed together with his companion, then use the self-timer and some kind of pole or stand next to. But to hope that somebody will do you well not worth it, usually photo assistants are crooked and cropped legs-heads.

6. “I’m shot”. Of course, you want to demonstrate a new dress or a nice tan, but a bunch of pictures with you close-up is boring, even amid world-famous attractions. Better place yourself in the as part of the interior, not necessarily to become the center of the photo.

7. Change the angles. For example, take photos from above or below, climb the stairs and parapets, lean and bounce. You can take pictures through the window or at the window, admiring the view, you can even turn it upside down. Use of reflection in various surfaces, silhouettes, arches and shadows.

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

8. A natural trend

Forced smiles and strained faces is the worst that can be in the photo. Catch genuine emotion and capture them. If you are traveling in the company of your friends also have a camera, ask them from time to time to remove you when you can’t see it, and will get them back in the same coin. These real pictures are very interesting and unusual. If you find it difficult to behave naturally in front of the camera, remember something funny – this will relax your face and make you smile.

9. Send a atmosphere of countries and cities. Don’t focus on the famous sites and symbols. In traveling there’s always a lot of details – bright fabrics and spices in the markets, the shelves with hats, local transport and of course the people – look for colorful characters. And, you can use improvised means, for example, the reflection of the Eiffel tower in the mirrored glasses will look much more original than the standard landscape of this attraction.

Как делать красивые фото в путешествии?

10. Use available materials

Instead of another photo of the feet on the beach you can lay pebbles on the sand of any composition, and being in France, you can not take a picture of a field of lavender, a heart of lilac flowers.

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