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How to strengthen teeth and what products to use

Как укрепить зубы и какие продукты нужно употреблятьHealthy teeth and gums – beautiful decoration for the face.

To avoid holes in teeth (cavities), they must be cleaned at least 2 times a day is commonly know even small children.

However, to keep Your teeth healthy, a regular clean is not enough. Nutrition plays a huge role in the prevention of dental diseases. It is very important to our diet turned out to be several products that will help to keep teeth in good condition for years to come. Want to know what are the products? Then, read our material.

In order to keep our teeth healthy, should regularly eat foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D, fish, eggs and cheese, which strengthen the teeth. In the diet should also contain oil and fruit, especially apples, which effectively help cleanse the teeth.

In our diet must be present fish. Fish products contain a lot of protein, calcium and phosphorus, which have a positive impact on hardness of tooth enamel. This is especially important for children during the period when they are growing teeth.

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Eggs are a great source of magnesium, iron, iodine and calcium, which plays a very important role in the proper development of the teeth. A rich source of calcium is cheese.

Oil contains fats that promote the absorption of vitamin D, deficiency of which can lead to tooth decay and tooth decay. So do not abandon it. Very important to maintain normal microflora of the mouth is eating yogurt, which is also rich in calcium. Normal flora of the mouth cavity serves as a natural obstacle to the development of bacterial infections, including fungal.

Seaweed and other edible algae is very good for teeth. It turns out that on the surface develop bacteria that produce enzymes that protect teeth and gums.

In Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland has conducted research on the impact of coconut oil on pathogenic microorganisms living in the mouth. It turned out that fermented coconut oil inhibits (stops) the growth of most strains of Streptococcus which are the main cause of dental caries.

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Apples. Using them, we naturally clean teeth. When we eat apples, my mouth generates a lot of saliva that “washes away” the remains of food from interdental spaces. The same cleansing properties of carrots and celery – they help remove plaque.

Drink water after a meal. It perfectly removes bacteria and food debris from the teeth.

Drink fresh juices from vegetables and fruits instead of sugary carbonated beverages, which contribute to the development of caries. However, remember that to brush your teeth after You drink citrus juice, it is possible not earlier than in half an hour.

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