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How to start the car if battery is dead

Как завести машину, если сел аккумулятор

A dead battery is almost always very sudden and almost always very inappropriate. But fortunately, there are four plausible ways to revive the battery, so as still to leave.

Battery donor

This way the people usually called “light”. It is the most popular among drivers and relatively safe. So, remember that you will need the donor car with working battery, some jump leads.

From the first shouldn’t be a problem: you can ask a neighbor, a man in the car nearby or a friend who is also going to work. Second you just have to be in the winter in the trunk if the battery you have is not new. However, if their “crocodiles” you do not maybe they have a driver of that same car donor, you’ll have a jump start.

The sequence of actions looks like this:

1. Put the car in Radom, hood to hood or wing to wing that the batteries were as close to each other.

2. Turn the engine off and ignition off of the car-donor, otherwise you can burn all the electronics.

3. Connect the red wire and the advantages of batteries. You should start with the vehicle donor.

4. The black end of the wire connect to the faulty metal of the car (engine block, for example).

5. The other end of the black wire connect to the negative terminal of the car-donor.

6. Try to start the engine for a defective car, making no more than 2-3 attempts.

7. After the engine has started, let it run for at least a couple of minutes. Then disconnect wires in return sequence. (The black wire from the donor, the black wire from metal, the red wire from the faulty car, the red wire from the donor).

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Note: do Not attempt a jump start from the battery of the subcompact car with an engine capacity over two litres, especially with six or more cylinders or diesel. Battery capacity-the donor must be greater than or equal to the capacity of the discharged battery. The batteries must have the same voltage, it is impossible to light a 12-volt battery with 24 V and Vice versa.

With the pusher or tug

If not with a crocodile, you can try to start the engine with the pusher. Ask passers-by to help and do the following:

1. Turn the ignition to his car, depress the clutch and turn on the second or third gear without releasing the clutch.

2. Command the assistants to disperse the car.

3. As soon as the car reaches a speed of 15-20 km/h, smoothly release the clutch.

4. Do not rush immediately to turn off once the engine has started. Let it run for at least a couple of seconds, otherwise it may again stall. Then squeeze the clutch and stop to thank to help.

Note: Instead of passersby, you can use the rope tied to another car. This method is suitable only for vehicles with a manual transmission.


Another very simple and easy method of resuscitation of the car — start the engine with the starter (it is also called a booster). However, for this it needs you to be. And there are such devices are not really cheap — at least a few thousand.

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The General principle of device operation is as follows:

1. Turn off the car ignition.

2. Connect the “crocodiles” of the starting device to the battery terminals, observing polarity.

3. Start the vehicle.

Note: this device is suitable to start any cars. However, with the large capacity engines, especially with diesel can be a problem.

A rope and a Jack

If you are on a desert island or other ways of starting the engine is impossible, you can use this, by the way, a rather complicated way. You will need a Jack, a rope length of 3-5 meters.

Sequence of actions:

1. Put the car on Parking brake, put the non-powered wheels are something that the car doesn’t roll away.

2. With Jack up one of rear wheels in the air.

3. Turn the ignition on and second or third gear.

4. Tightly wrap wire or rope around the wheel a few turns and pull sharply.

5. Repeat this until the engine starts.

6. When the engine starts, turn the transmission into neutral, lower the car.

Note: the method is quite unusual, but so effective, and start the car with the pusher. This method is suitable only for cars with manual transmission. In any case, do not wrap the rope in hand and tie it to a disk.

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