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How to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Как самостоятельно предупредить развитие болезни АльцгеймераDoctors sure that everyone is able to resist Alzheimer’s, adhering to throughout their life certain rules.

Alzheimer’s has been called one of the worst because it is absolutely incurable. All that capable doctors, this is to help people not to lose yourself and slow down the development of this disease. Most often develop Alzheimer’s disease elderly people and those who all his life devoted to science, learning, mental work, and had a high level of intelligence.

When Alzheimer’s affects the nervous system, hence violated human cognitive abilities, slowly lost memory and in the end the patient’s life turns into hell, but even more suffer him close.

Scientists regularly conduct research, argue that the vast majority of patients with a diagnosis of “Alzheimer’s” I live just 6-7 years after the disease started progressing, and the first symptoms. It turns out that the man has no chance to recover and return to his former life if he was diagnosed. Therefore, doctors recommend that all, without exception, to think about your future now by changing your habits and changing the rules of their own life. Perhaps someone who was at risk, will be able to own it out, and this requires:

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1. To get rid of bad habits. Smoking and abusing alcohol are at risk to live out their years in a state of dementia. Among other things, cigarettes and alcohol have a negative impact not only on the nervous system and the human brain, and all his internal organs and systems, so the only way to stay alive is to stop drinking and Smoking.

2. Proper nutrition daily exercise and nobody got hurt. Moreover, the sports cell of the nervous system and brain receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as blood circulation is enhanced. A balanced diet ensures timely cleansing of the body and blood vessels from toxic substances and also the process of enriching the body with healthy components. Plus, eating foods-antioxidants allows to preserve youth and prevent premature aging.

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3. Fresh air should be done every day if possible, several times.

4. Daily to train your memory. Methods there is a huge amount, it all depends on whether a person wants to protect themselves from Alzheimer’s or is it laziness.

5. To be a socially active person. Socializing with people always brings health benefits, but only if these people positively, respect and love.

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