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How to move into the middle class?

Как перейти в средний класс?

All these calculations are pure shamanism. I live in Moscow, and to consider themselves middle class, should earn monthly 121 thousand rubles. But if the 120 thousand – who am I? But if 119 thousand? That means the minimum threshold of the middle class? It’s like the minimum wage, which even to die is problematic, not something to live. This as the minimum pension or minimum subsistence level, which is good only in the anatomical theatre as an exhibit to appear.

Among other things, need to consider not only income. You can have a decent salary, but some children and parents with disabilities. Old people do not have normal pensions, and, therefore, care for them falls on the children. In General, the concept of the middle class is more of a psychological thing. When you’re living and not thinking every minute how to get money and how to hold on to paycheck. When you come to the grocery store and not look at price tags, just chop off the cart all you want. When you want to buy clothes or a new phone, and you buy a phone or clothes. Probably not super expensive something is, but not castoffs from the market. When traveling with a child of the sea becomes for you the military operation and you don’t need to plan any spending and save for this trip all year, denying themselves all over, to take out a loan or go into debt to give them until the next holiday.

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Technically my profession is, apparently, refers to the professions of the middle class, but actually in our country it is not. The middle class in developed countries is, for example, the doctors that we have is that in Moscow really started to earn and receive the penny. In the States the middle class – teachers, which we have every time remember, when talking about the poor and disenfranchised layers. The middle class – the basis of prosperity for any developed country. Not the oligarchs-the billionaires who only reap the fruits of this prosperity and not the poor and state employees that exist on handouts from the state and entirely depend on it.

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And our middle class is thin. The list of professions of our middle class – is quite short. And this is our problem. We only formally live under capitalism, but in fact are inside a semi-Soviet hybrid, where the majority work for the government and its forces did not even hope. So with the middle class in Russia forever the undershoot, the flight. You or richer than the average or poorer. And move into the middle class did not get.

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