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How to choose where to go on New Year in crisis

Как выбрать, куда поехать на Новый Год в условиях кризиса

Despite the cheerful statements of the representatives of the economic block of the government about the mythical economic growth, the crisis continues. Ordinary citizens are forced to economize on many things. Christmas holidays are approaching, but the question of where to go on vacation in the first days of January, for a significant number of fellow citizens is not worth it.

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In contrast to the “elite”, which under a rousing Patriotic slogans traditionally go to tropical Islands, Alpine ski resorts and in the family nest state Miami, ordinary citizens will choose between a week-long struggle with a hell of a mixture of Olivier and alcohol and a short trip to Russia. Those who dare to rest in our country should be prepared for unpleasant surprises. Watch the video about how to choose a city to Christmas travel, so to avoid unnecessary spending and get into the winter holidays the most positive emotions.

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