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How to choose a smartphone Saami series Redmi 4th generation – 5 key differences

The popularity of the young Chinese brand Saome more confidently competes with the world leaders Apple and Samsung. Product series: Redmi – budget main direction of smartphones this manufacturer focused on accessibility and has found fans in different parts of the world. This series is the most familiar to consumers of Russia – functionality and attractive the smartphone xiaomi redmi 4 made them the most common search query on the Internet.

What are the differences between models of serial production, key features and capabilities?

Redmi 4A

The most simple and available model not only the range of the 4th generation, but of the entire catalogue. Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a screen with a diagonal of 425,5 inches as standard and the plastic housing, hence the low cost. Indicators inferior to other modifications of the line, but for its ultrabudgetary category technique is consistent with expectations.

If the goal – order Xiaomi the basic characteristics and without loss to the limited budget, then 4A is the ideal choice.

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Redmi 4

Decent adequate budget-the same year of production, and 4A, additions and improvements, compared to the younger brother.

Key difference:

  • improved matrix screen;
  • fingerprint scanning;
  • the increased battery life by 30% (from 3120 mA/h to 4100 mA/h);
  • upgraded processor;
  • the body is made of metal.

Minus – the memory remains limited 2/16 GB, which reduce the impression from supplements.

Redmi 4Pro

The third product line, presented in the fall of 2016, a little different from four. Changes in the Pro category, mainly corrects the flaws of the predecessor.

The upgrade list:

  • increase your memory to 3/32 GB;
  • more nimble “heart” – Qualcomm Snapdragon 625;
  • updated Full HD display;
  • two-tone camera flash.

Speaker sounds a bit quieter than in previous versions, but the call is enough. Music and game sounds are bugged often through an audio accessories, such as, xiaomi earphone hybrid, which is simultaneously negotiating a headset for phone calls and Skype.

Redmi Note 4 and 4X

Both the lineup, in fact – the upgrade 4 key, combining the functions of mobile phone, smartphone and tablet in one package.

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Features release Note:

  • CPU MediaTek Helio equipping the X20 with 10 cores;
  • the range of memory from before 2/16 4/64 GB;
  • proximity sensor;
  • increased to 5.5 inches screen size;
  • powerful rechargeable battery in combination with a special mode save battery.

In addition, pumped matrix display, sound and camera. Due to a run of some indicators, buying a Laptop modification 4-key, it is recommended to check with the store of features and scope of delivery.

Summary smartphone 4th generation Saami

A variety of functionality and price variations allow us to prioritize the selection and choose the optimum configuration of the gadget. The model series meets the requirements as practical and low-cost approach as well as advanced queries to economy class. Having defined the requirements and the amount you are willing to spend, you can buy simple smart social networking, and Packed with device for a browsing online.

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